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Capacity 49.30 MB
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publisher ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.
SHA1 54972540d0640abc846c99a96c445971f609d116
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App description

ASUS Gallery is an amazing application that makes it easier for people to view, manage, edit photos and videos. You can explore and look for photos conveniently in different categories like People, Location, and manage your photos by customized tag. Download ASUS Gallery apk now to experiences creative fun and stunning works by Moments, beautification effects, MiniMovie, and Photo Collage. 

asus gallery app

ASUS Gallery main features: 

People album

Thanks to the facial recognition of the new AI-powered Gallery, your photos are well organized in ‘people’ album. You can create your preferred groups of friends or family members, and Gallery will swiftly sort all group photos of the selected individuals into your predefined groups. Because the magic happens offline, you don't need to upload your images to a cloud service. This means you can save bandwidth, enjoy a faster experience and keep your photos privately secured on your device.


With customized tags, you are able to create any tag name you want like travel, shopping list, toy collections. All your tag photos are in the 'Collections' album. You can switch photo categories to browse and manage them.

UI modification

The UI design is modified to show Photos, Album and Moments separately, and revise the contents of the options menu as well, making it more convenient for you to find photos and enjoy Gallery’s new feature.

Photo timeline view

Photos are organized in chronological order, so you may not find it hard to look for photos at specific dates. It also would be possible for you to zoom in and zoom out to view the thumbnails.

Scene detection (Exclusively for some devices)

Gallery automatically classifies photos into scene albums through detecting the scenes and objects. It helps you to sort and arrange photos and let you search for specific photos more easily.

Video trimmer
This is a new function in Gallery. Try it and keep only the most interesting part of the video.

AI photo learning (Exclusively for some devices)

Your preference in specific scenes will be asked then edited so that the photos fit your style.

Photo collage function

You can collect your favorite photos and make them into a collage and share it with your family and friends.


Mosaic allows you to conceal the information on your photos that you don’t want to share or hide the strangers in your photo to keep the focus on you.

asus gallery


What ASUS Gallery apk?

ASUS Gallery apk is a package file containing elements to install the ASUS Gallery correctly on the Android operating system. The ASUS Gallery apk file is saved in the ZIP format and directly downloaded to Android devices via the Google Play store or third-party sites.

Reasons for ASUS Gallery apk download

There is nothing convenient rather than downloading ASUS Gallery apk right from the Google Play Store, but what happens if the store stops working properly? Is it a dead end? before giving up this, let’s think about another alternative. One of the most effective ways is to download ASUS Gallery apk from third-party sites. Although there are tons of websites available for free ASUS Gallery APK download across the Internet, not all of them offer original or pure apk files, so be careful to choose a trusted one to avoid hidden risks caused by viruses.

Below are some common cases that you need to download and install ASUS Gallery APK:

• The Google Play doesn’t work normally, which prevents your from downloading ASUS Gallery APK

• Some users love to use the app on a big screen, so they need to download ASUS Gallery APK and install it on software emulators like Bluestacks, Nox Player, etc.

• The Android version of the device is outdated compared to that of the application available on the Google Play.

• Developers aim to download free ASUS Gallery APK file from Google Play Store to their computer for some modifications.

How to download and install ASUS Gallery apk

1. Download and install ASUS Gallery apk for Android phones

 Step 1: Head to the website then search for 'ASUS Gallery'

ASUS Gallery

Step 2: Tap on the app and then 'Download' APK. 

Asus gallery2

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds to get the file downloaded then tap 'Open'.

asusgallery 3

Step 4: Once a verification question appears, tap on 'install' to confirm.

asus gallery 4


Step 4: The installation of ASUS Gallery apk has been done! tap 'done' to finish the process.

ASUS Gallery apk


2. Download ASUS Gallery  apk for PC/Laptop

It’s not much difficult to download ASUS Gallery apk for PC successfully but remember to install a simulator software first. Currently, there are various Android emulators available across the Internet, but Bluestacks is the most popular one.

Now we are going to dive into two ways to download and install the ASUS Gallery apk file on your personal computer:

Method 1: Use a PC's web browser:

Step 1: Open a web browser and go to the website → Search for ASUS Gallery apk.

ASUS Gallery download

Step 2: Select the app then click on 'Download'. Wait for a few seconds to complete the download.

asus gallery apk1

Step 4: Open BlueStacks then move your mouse to 'three vertical dots', select Install APK.



Step 5: Choose the ASUS Gallery apk you downloaded and click 'Open'.

asus gallery apk

Done! Then you will see the icon of Asus gallery app at the home screen of Bluestacks.

Method 2: Use a BlueStacks’s web browser

Step 1: Open Bluestacks, Go to 'More apps', select Google Chrome then visit website

asus gallery1

Step 2: Enter ASUS Gallery at the search bar and search. Once all search results appear, select 'Download'.

download asus gallery apk

Step 3: Click on 'download' to continue the process, then select 'open' to open the ASUS Gallery apk file you've just downloaded.

Download ASUS Gallery apk4

Step 4: Select “Install” to confirm the app installation when the verification question appears.

download asus gallery apk3

Step 5: You will see 'app installed' on the screen when the process finishes.

download asus gallery apk4


Done! Now go back to the home screen of Bluestack, you will see the icon of ASUS Gallery.

Is ASUS Gallery apk Download Safe?

Because the ASUS Gallery apk is downloaded from third-party sources, they can pose a serious security threat. A could modify the APK for malicious intentions before you install it, then use it as a digital Trojan horse to install and run malware.

Thus, it’s necessary to ensure that the site you choose to download ASUS Gallery apk is reliable. It should thoroughly vet the ASUS Gallery apk and have a history of security and reliability.

Take Extra Precautions Before You Install an APK

Under no circumstances, should you ensure that the site you download ASUS Gallery apk from is reputable. Moreover, checking if an apk file is safe or not via online virus scanning tools is also considered one of the most effective ways. Here we suggest you use VirusTotal scanner, one of the best online tool for analyzing suspicious files and URLs to detect types of malware. With VirusTotal, ensuring the purity of ASUS Gallery apk is no longer a matter of concern.

ASUS Galler APK download

How to solve ‘photo files on SD are not completely displayed in Gallery’? 

If the photo files saved on SD card can be still correctly displayed in File Manager but not in Gallery, please give each of the followings a try.

  1. Unplug/replug the SD card

  2. Restart the system.

If (1)~(2) can’t completely solve the issue, there might have some problematic files or bad sectors stored on the SD card to stop the media engine working properly. In such case, it is recommended that you unplug the SD card and plug it with your PC. All you need to do is copying all the files to backup from SD card to your PC. Then reformat SD card, and copy the backup files back to SD card again. Finally, you may re-plug the SD card on a mobile device and then check if all the photo files can be seen then.

How Should I Do if I Forgot the Password to Unlock Gallery?
* If you see "AppLock" in the title at the upper-left corner on Gallery, please head to the Google Play and then uninstall "ASUS Launcher". Upgrading "ASUS Launcher" allows you to reset your password and enjoy the "Lock Gallery" feature. Remember to set a Google account to retrieve your password in case you forget it again. 
* If you see the title in the upper-left corner on Gallery is "CM Applock for ASUS", please click on the upper-right button and select "Forgot password?” As soon as you enter the password of your Google account, you can reset your password to lock Gallery again.


We hope that this information may be helpful to you. If you face any obstacles in downloading and installing ASUS Gallery apk, be free to contact us. is willing to support you. Thanks