Download ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk

Download ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk

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Capacity 22.98 MB
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publisher ZenUI, ASUS Computer Inc.
SHA1 b813ce0f4d7fc6686d7a3f71dad950ca65535788
Signature 6b16979905b73b62dc0aa4c038149cca5a1df0ad

App description

ASUS PixelMaster Camera is an amazing app that seamlessly switches between modes to give you the greatest pictures. No matter where you are, outside or inside a low-lit interior, in dusky evening scenes or even high-contrast environments, this scene-detection technology is capable of analyzing your surroundings instantly and activates the best mode for your shots. Becoming a professional sharp-shooter now is just at your fingertips! 

Now, what are you waiting for without getting ASUS PixelMaster Camera into your phone!

Please keep reading this article to download Asus PixelMaster apk directly to your Android device without any hassle.


ASUS PixelMaster Camera1

ASUS PixelMaster Camera Key Features:

  • Auto mode: auto-sets the camera settings to check out the lighting and environment.

  • Manual, Super Resolution, HDR, or Depth of field mode: make sure to give the best pictures.

  • Low Light or Night mode: Adjusts the background lighting for perfect shots.

  • GIF Animation, Miniature, Effects, or Time Lapse mode: You can add animated effects and amazing filters your pictures and videos to make them more lively.

  • Panorama, PanoSphere, or Selfie Panorama mode: Encapsulate all the beauty of backgrounds to capture pretty and perfect photos.

  • Beautification, Selfie, Time Rewind, or All Smiles mode: Capture beautifully-enhanced photos

  • High-Speed Video and Slow Motion Video mode: Keep the camera rolling! Create your own story via a video

  • Intuitive UI: Easy to use.

  • Smart Remove: Allow you to remove unwanted details in your picture.

ASUS PixelMaster Camera2

What is ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk?

ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk is the package file format used by the Android-powered devices to distribute and install ASUS PixelMaster Camera app. If windows (PC) systems use an .exe file for installing software, then for Android use an. apk to install applications.

Why do we need to download ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk?

As usual, Android users will rush to the Google Play Store, an official source available for free app download. However, in case the store doesn’t work, they need to download ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk from third-party sites as an alternative solution. Besides, there are some cases that we need to download file apk:

• Their Android device’s version is outdated compared to that of  ASUS PixelMaster Camera available on Google Play Store.

• Developers want to download free ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk to their computers to modify for their different purposes.

Is ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk download safe?

There is no certainty about the safety of ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk when there are a lot of websites out available for free apk download. Because they are not authorized by Google Play, you can end up with a malicious file on your phone or device. The advice is that under no circumstance, should you choose a trusted site to download PixelMaster Camera apk without being worried about the purity of the file.

How to check if ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk is Safe?

Apart from visiting a safe place to get ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk, it’s a good idea for you to run a few simple checks to prevent malware from infecting your phone through the downloaded APK file. Below are the two most recommended picks for you:

1. VirusTotal


The VirusTotal is an online scanning service that has been highly praised by online communities as one of the most effective websites for file scanning.

It allows you to upload ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk to detect for malware or viruses. This will help you to quickly check if the APK file you downloaded is safe or not. 

Following these steps to use VirusTotal

  1. Open the site.

  2. Click on 'Choose File', in the browser dialogue box, select your file.

  3. Click on 'Scan'! to get your results.

2. NViso ApkScan

NViso Ap Scan

Similar to VirusTotal, NViso ApkScan also provides a detailed analysis of the ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk you have without any limitation for size. It worked quickly and easily.

Following these steps to use NViso:

  1. Open the Nviso site.

  2. Drag and drop the ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk onto the site.

  3. Click on 'Scan' then wait for the report.

One amazing feature of this site is that you can also tick the E-mail box, enter your email ID, and leave the site if you like. Then the detailed results will be sent to your mail including its MD5 and SHA256 hashes, and file size and a virus scan.

Is ASUS PixelMaster Camera apk free for download?

Yes, it is. luckily, websites offering PixelMaster Camera apk free download are various. So, it won’t take you much time and effort to download Asus PixelMaster Camera apk for Android. But which is the best one may concern you much, before getting the apk file from any third-party sites, you should do thorough research.

Guide to download Asus PixelMaster Camera apk for Android/windows

Below are the steps performed in the website for free Asus PixelMaster Camera apk download. This is a trusted website for original, free and pure Asus PixelMaster Camera apk file with fast download speed. Thus, there is no need to worry about the safety of the file you download anymore. For a better experience, you are recommended to download the latest Asus PixelMaster Camera apk.

1. Download Asus PixelMaster Camera APK for Android phone

It's not difficult to download Asus PixelMaster Camera apk into your android phone from other sources, but please remember to enable app installation from unknown sources in the ‘Setting’ section of your Android phone first.

Head to the Settings → Security→ Enable Unknown Sources

Here is step by step guide for free Asus PixelMaster Camera download on your Android device.

Step 1: Go to the website.

topapkdownload website

Step 2: Type ‘Asus PixelMaster Camera’ at the search bar to find the app. After all the results appear, tap on the app.

Asus PixelMaster Camera.png

Step 3: Tap 'Download' and then tap 'OK' to confirm

Asus PixelMaster Camera

Step 4: Then the screen will immediately display the verification question "Do you want to install this application?" Select 'Install' to confirm.

Asus PixelMaster Camera5

You will see this if the app has been successfully installed on your phone. Now tap 'done' to finish the installation or 'open' to open the app.

Asus PixelMaster Camera4

It just takes you less than 5 minutes to download and install Asus PixelMaster Camera apk onto your phone. Now you can capture precious moments with your family and friends anytime, anywhere.

2. Download Asus PixelMaster Camera APK for PC

Remember to install an emulator if you want to use Asus PixelMaster Camera on your pc/laptop. Of various emulators available out there, BlueStacks is the most popular one. 

It's time to dive in steps to download Asus PixelMaster Camera APK for PC now!

Method 1: Use a PC's web browser

Step 1: Open any web browser and go to the website → Enter 'Asus PixelMaster Camera' then search.


Asus PixelMaster Camera pc

Step 2: Click on the app then all information about Asus PixelMaster Camera will be displayed, select 'Download' and wait until the download completes.

Asus PixelMaster Camera pc1

Step 4: Open BlueStacks, then move the mouse to the ‘three vertical dots’ icon, click on 'Install APK'.


Step 5: Click on the Asus PixelMaster Camera file APK you just downloaded and click Open.

Asus PixelMaster Camera pc2

Method 2: Use a web browser on BlueStacks

Step 1: Open Bluestacks → Go to 'More apps' (up arrow icon at the bottom of the screen) → Click on 'Google Chrome' → Visit the website

topapkdownload on bluestacks

Step 2: Enter 'Asus PixelMaster Camera' at the search bar then click on 'Search'. All results will appear.

Asus PixelMaster Camera pc4


Step 3: Select 'Download'. Wait for a few seconds to complete the download!

Asus PixelMaster Camera pc3

Step 4: Once a warning appears, click on 'Ok' and then 'Open' to continue the process.

Asus PixelMaster Camera pc6

Step 5: A verification question immediately appears, click 'install' to confirm.

Asus PixelMaster Camera pc7

Step 6: Wait for a few moments to finish the installation, then click 'done'. Now, go back to the main interface of Bluestacks, you will see the icon of Asus PixelMaster Camera app.

Asus PixelMaster Camera pc8

So, that's all about what you need to do to download Asus PixelMaster Camera apk for Android. How simple it is!