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App version 1.0.1570
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Capacity 99.49 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher Electronic Soul
SHA1 fe847022c2cd60c702366f89d5422c3492576174
Signature 261540a9d89bcc6605223627eaec1d6e6fc16daf

App description

BarbarQ is more than just a game, but a huge community of international gamers who love to share their joy and passion with others. Joining this game, you will have a chance to compete with your enemies in a battle to be the best. BarbarQ is the combination of the unique aspect of any MOBA games and IO games, which makes it a fantastic game to play. Now, you can’t hold your excitement to get BarbarQ into your smartphone but ironically the Google Play fails to access. Don’t worry because you are not alone! We are here to bring you an effective alternative: Download BarbarQ apk!

Have fun playing BarbarQ game, but be warned, the game is addictive!

About BarbarQ

BarbarQ is a real-time battle game which combines the unique aspects of any MOBA and IO games. This interesting game with addictive and innovative gameplay takes you to an arena where you can fight against others to be the winner. 

Game Key Features:

  • Game style: Pixel art retro

  • Awesome Battle Royale mode

  • Customize your own map with the map editor BBQ Studio

  • Real-time 3v3v3, 2v2v2 team fights

  • Pet adventure and growth system

  • Global matchmaking and world ranks

  • A combination of MOBA game with IO game elements

  • New player friendly controls

The level system of the game allows you to gain a skill each time you level up (maximum 5 skills can be obtained). Remember that the skills will be permanent in a match, it’s advisable for you to pick a useful skill.

Players can level up and pick up new skills as each match progresses by eating mushrooms. The stronger they become, the more new abilities they attain, which may help them prevent competition when they become an increasingly attractive target. BarbarQ's game modes consist of real-time 3 vs 3 vs 3, 2 vs 2 vs 2 team fights, Idle mode, Pet Adventure, and many solo modes.

What is BarbarQ apk?

BarbarQ apk is the package file format exclusively designed for the Android operating system to distribute and install BarbarQ game. The BarbarQ apk file can be installed on Android devices just like installing software on a PC.

Why do you need to download BarbarQ apk?

It goes without saying that Google Play Store is an official source for safe and free BarbarQ apk download. But what will happen if it doesn’t work? In this case, downloading BarbarQ apk is considered the best solution. Moreover, there are some other reasons for BarbarQ apk download such as users want to play the game on their PCs/laptops for better experiences or the Android version of the user’s phone doesn’t match with the version of the app available on the Google Play Store. One another common case is that developers want to download BarbarQ apk to modify for their different purposes.

Guide to download BarbarQ apk for Android/windows

Below are the steps performed in the website for free BarbarQ apk download. This is a trusted website for original, free and pure BarbarQ apk file with fast download speed. Thus, you won’t need to worry about the safety of the file you download anymore. For a better experience, you should download the latest BarbarQ apk games.

1. Download BarbarQ APK on an Android phone

You might find it easy to download and install BarbarQ apk into your android phone from other sources, but please remember to enable app installation from unknown sources in the ‘Setting’ section of your Android phone first.

Head to the SettingsSecurity→ Enable Unknown Sources

Here is step by step guide for BarbarQ free download on your Android device.

Step 1: Go to the website.


Step 2: Type ‘BarbarQ’ at the search bar to find the app. After all the results appear, tap on the app.

barbarq app

Step 3: Tap 'Download'.

download barbarq

Step 4: Then the screen will immediately display the verification question "Do you want to install this application?" Select 'Install' to confirm.

downlaod barbarq1


You will see this if the app has been successfully installed on your phone. Now tap 'Done' to finish the installation or 'Open' to open the app.

It just takes you less than 5 minutes to download and install BarbarQ app. Now you can join BarbarQ community and challenge your friends right on your phone!

     2. Download BarbarQ APK for PC

You want to Download BarbarQ APK to play the game on a big screen but you don’t know how to do this. Don’t worry, below are all the steps you can follow to have BarbarQ installed on your computer. It is necessary to install an emulator into your PC first if you want to play Android games on it. If you’re seeking to get multiple apps and games up and running on your computer without much of effort, BlueStacks is your best choice.

In case you don't know about BlueStacks, it is a free cross-platform Android Emulator designed to help you run Android apps and games on your laptop. With users from all over the world, BlueStacks blurs the line between playing games on mobile devices and PCs. Keep in mind that you'll need to get BlueStacks installed on your PC before downloading BarbarQ APK.

There are two ways to download BarbarQ APK file on your computer/laptop using a PC's web browser and using a web browser right on Bluestacks.

Method 1: Use a PC's web browser

Step 1: Install Bluestacks onto your PC (Skip this step if  Bluestacks is available on your device)


Step 2: Open any web browser and go to the website → Enter 'BarbarQ' then search.

barbarq on pc

Step 3: Click on the app and then all information about BarbarQ will be displayed, then select 'Download'.

barbarq on pc1

Step 4: Open BlueStacks, then move the mouse to the ‘three vertical dots’ icon, click on 'Install APK'.

bluestacks 2

Step 5: Click on the BarbarQ file APK you just downloaded and click 'Open'.

download barbarq2.png

Method 2: Use a web browser on BlueStacks

Step 1: Open Bluestacks → Go to 'More apps' (up arrow icon at the bottom of the screen) → Select Google Chrome → Go to the website

barbarq bluestacks

Step 2: Type 'BarbarQ' at the search bar. Once all results appear, click on the app and then select 'Download'. Wait for a few seconds to complete the download!

barbarq on bluestacks1

Step 3: Go to 'More apps' (up arrow icon at the bottom of the screen)  → Head to 'Media Manager' →  Find the newly downloaded BarbarQ apk file.

barbarq bluestacks apk

Step 4: Click that BarbarQ APK file to install, then a question for install confirmation appears, you click on “Install” to confirm.

barbarq bluestacks apk1

Step 5: Wait for a few moments to finish the installation, then click 'Done'. Now, go back to the home screen of Bluestacks, you will see the icon of BarbarQ app.

So, that's all about what you need to do to get BarbarQ APK installed into your pc. How simple it is! Now you can play the game on the big screen of Bluestacks with excitement!. Cheers!

Warning about Malicious BarbarQ APK

It isn’t as safe as you might think when downloading an APK file from unknown sources because it can hide potential risks damaging your device’ operating system.

These malicious files are increasingly created with different purposes such as breaching security, advertising, stealing or encrypting data. Viruses and Malware can spread through various sources such as via the Internet or peripheral devices, etc.  Below are some specific cases:

  • Spread via USB, memory card, CD drive or other mobile devices. This case is quite common

  • Spread by email, email services or downloaded files on the internet

  • By copying and using files that have been infected with viruses before

  • Users visit unsecured websites

  • By clicking on links that contain viruses on the internet and virus files attached to images

  • Using pirated software from unreliable sources

  • Infection via LAN, intranet

  • A virus infection caused by software installed on the computer is stuck with a security vulnerability

The good news is that the market now has been flooded with free scanners, but we highly recommend you use Virustotal. This is an online scanning service that can detect files for malware or viruses. You can upload a specific file in the formats of ZIP and RAR but the maximum acceptable size for any file type is 550 MB. Another handy feature of this tool is that it shows detailed statistics with the results after scanning. Based on this, infected files can be manually deleted and users can pay attention to questionable ones and decide what to do with them.

Download BarbarQ game for free today and have a good experience! We’re here to answer your queries if you encounter any issue during the process of BarbarQ apk free download and installation. Cheers!