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Download Case Simulator 2 apk

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App version 1.85
Updated date
Capacity 32.53 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher Smoked Studios
SHA1 3d7497b996526c06cfc41e3a0653563e78377852
Signature 82eeae0a436c181138e1622eb182d26467f5d8f3

App description

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Download Case Simulator 2 apk

Case Simulator 2 is an online game that attracts thousands of people around the world because of its ingenious and intriguing gameplay. Case Simulator 2 is created by Smoked Studios and its capacity is 100MB. This game now is having more than 1364 the downloads, so the demand for downloading this game is quite huge. I guess that you are also wondering how to download and install this appealing game. To help you carry out the Case Simulator 2 download without difficulty, in this writing, I will show you how I download and install Case Simulator 2 apk file.

The short description of Case Simulator 2 and file Case Simulator 2 apk

Case Simulator 2 and outstanding features

Case Simulator 2 is an online game that simulates weapons and items in battles. It has a number of cases or boxes that contain some items and weapons inside. Players need to unbox them and grab each item and weapon to add to their collection. This game consists of 10 tabs such as cases, inventory, contract, jackpot, coinflip, roulette, shop, collection, upgrader, and trading. Players simply switch among tabs to move and see what they have in their collection, what they can do with jackpot and contracts. For example, on the inventory tab, you will store all weapons here, you also can use this tab to review skins and delete unwanted items. Besides, on contracts tab, you can use these items which you have deleted on the inventory tab to trade for new random weapons with superior rarity. With other tabs, gamers have diverse experience and do more things.

case simulator 2
Case Simulator 2 apk download

Case Simulator 2 is supported on Android operating system and has a simple and understandable user interface. It delivers players a smooth experience and comes up to 60 frames per second. For that reason, I highly recommend Case Simulator 2 game as it is one of the most enticing online games. In order to easily download Case Simulator 2 game, you had better use apk files instead of the root files. So, what are apk files and its function?

Case Simulator 2 apk file 

Case Simulator 2 apk file is Android application package kit using to download and install Case Simulator 2 game on Android and PC. The file in form of apk file is saved in zip format with the .apk extension. Instead of using the root files, users are advised to download apk files to avoid some errors related to Play store, equipment capacity and area permission. These errors will be mentioned in the next part. Case Simulator 2 apk free download can be smoothly carried out on the website named I suggest this website because it provides quite a lot of apk files and what's even better than other third-party websites is that users can download apk file fast, safely and free. In my download guidance below, I will directly work on the website for the great experience

Why should you download apk files?

There are a bunch of cases that require using file Android Case Simulator 2 apk as a key for dealing with problematic situations. Here are some noticeable situations:

- File Case Simulator 2 apk is the best choice in case of Google Play error.

- If the players want to download Case Simulator 2 game, but their devices are incompatible with the game version, so they need to download file Case Simulator 2 apk.

- For developers or players who want to download Case Simulator 2 apk file for free in order to modify this game in terms of background music or inserting advertisements.

- In case of the disconnection between Android phone and network, users will download apk files instead of downloading the root files to transfer this apk file into Android smartphone via the SD card. 

How to download and install Case Simulator 2 apk file on Android

In order to play Case Simulator 2 apk on your Android phone, your smartphone needs adjusting a little bit to accept the download from third-party sources. In particular, Android device is installed with the security block in the third-party sources other than Google Play. To bypass this download restriction, access to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. When Unknown Sources feature has been switched on, you can freely download Case Simulator 2 apk file on website  You might have to confirm it by pressing on OK.

Enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources

As I mentioned before, I will directly download Case Simulator apk file for Android device on the website Now I am going to instruct in details:

Step 1: Access website, search for game Case Simulator 2 in the search bar, then tap on the matching name game in the results.

case simulator 2
Search for Case Simulator 2

Step 2: Press Download. Tap on Ok to confirm.

case simulator 2
Download Case Simulator 2 Android

Step 3: Next, you enter the folder on your smartphone which contains downloaded file Case Simulator 2 apk, and tap to the file. Your mobile phone will request whether you want to install this game or not. You tap on Install. It might complete in 1 minute, and then you can play this game on your Android smartphone immediately.

case simulator 2
Case Simulator 2 installed

How to download and install Case Simulator 2 apk on PC

Case Simulator 2 apk download for Windows will be carried out on BlueStacks, which is the most common emulator software for Windows. Besides, there are numerous types of emulators such as Memu, NoxPlayer, and Droid4X. Depending on your PC, you can select the most appropriate one to install and conduct to download and install Case Simulator 2 PC. In this guide, I am going to employ BlueStacks to download and install Case Simulator 2 apk on PC

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks, at the bottom of the screen, click on More apps to start Browser.

Click on More apps in BlueStacks
Click on More apps in BlueStacks

Step 2: Using Browser, access website, look up Case Simulator 2 game and tap on the matching result.

Step 3: Next, you click on Download.

Download Case Simulator 2
Download Case Simulator 2 apk file

Step 4: After that, the system will present a notification on the screen reporting the downloading app. Click on Ok to accept.

case simulator 2
Click on OK

Step 5: After the apk file has been downloaded onto BlueStacks, select Install to set up it.

case simulator 2
Click on Install

Step 6: Lastly, when the file has been already installed, click on Open to unbox cases in Case Simulator 2 game.

case simulator 2
Case Simulator 2 installed

Warning about viruses on Case Simulator 2 apk files

Today, the need for downloading apk files is rapidly increasing, so some villains milk this opportunity to steal private information and accounts of users by infecting their devices via malicious apk files. There are bounteous types of malware such as virus, trojan, worm, etc with variously severe damage level. In order to avoid downloading harmful apk files, you should not do these below actions and follow my advice: 

- Download apk files on untrusted websites in which malware can be secretly inserted in apk files and then damage your device after downloading. Therefore, I highly recommend the website to download apk files for free, fast and virus-free.

- Do not transfer apk files via SD card or USB because this equipment might include viruses spreading from the previously connected devices.

- Do not download the apk files that are modified and available on unsafe third-party websites. Before sideloading any apk file, you must scan and check it carefully.

I suggest some free online services such as Virustotal, Metadefender, and NVISO Apkscan that can detect all kinds of malware and viruses. Remember to use those virus detectors to examine the apk files before loading it into your Android and PC.


I hope this writing can solve your trouble with Case Simulator 2 apk download on Android and PC. Let download and install Case Simulator 2 apk to become a player of the hit game Case Simulator 2.