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Download CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars apk

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App version 2.24
Updated date
Capacity 83.33 MB
Installs 50,000,000+ download
publisher ZeptoLab
SHA1 093a40d5ff318d6f17454eb7e9c73883142d8af0
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Cash Arena Turbo Stars
Download CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars apk

CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars is an online game created by the same developer of the hit online games Cut the Rope and King of Thief is ZeptoLab. CATS is developed with graphic design and sound effect that attract players to its gameplay. If you are looking for a fighting game to play with your friends, CATS is the best one. Besides, you are considering to download and install this game, where and how. For that reason, in this writing, I am going to instruct you on how to download and install CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars apk file.

The introduction of CATS apk file

Firstly, let see what is CATS game and its outstanding features.

CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars game

As I mentioned above, CATS is a fighting game in which players can build their own battle bot in order to store weapons and then fight against other players. What's even better in this game than other fighting games is players try to build their ingenious and stylish battle bots in order to become the best constructor in this game. With CATS, players can be master engineers who construct, craft, upgrade, and enhance the ultimate battle bots. Besides, you can also explore thousands of crazy weapons, gadgets, and body shapes involving ultimate machines in order to fight with your opponents by those weapons. Taking the role of a mean street cat, players can form a powerful gang to rule the streets and take part in gang battles all over the world. Especially, in city kings, gamers will fight in cooperative mode to fight against real gangs and find their way to the top of the World Championship. Let bet on other bots and describe your best fights.

cats gameplay
CATS apk file download

New battle events in CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars

CATS has just been updated with 2nd anniversary celebration, so it issues many new exciting features. In particular, players have a chance to discover the time-limited championship with its brand new rules by accepting the showdown challenge. In this fight, players select their enemies and use the boosters to defeat them and unlock many amazing rewards. Furthermore, gamers also can easily locate the black market where they can find the best bargains if they have reached stage 15. Besides, the creator also reveals that there is a new awesome secret item coming soon in order to enhance normal machines.

cats fighting game
CATS fighting game

What is CATS apk file?

CATS apk file is an Android package kit for downloading and installing CATS application. This apk file is only operated on Android operating system and saved in the zip format. Users can download CATS apk for Windows and Android on website, which allows users to download numerous apk files of apps and games for free, safe and fast. This apk file is considered as the key to solving troubles related to download and install apps and games.

Why do you have to use apk files?

CATS apk file download is the key to tackling a score of complicated cases. Here are they:

- File CATS apk is the resolution if Google PLay has been failed. Specifically, this platform might not work at that time you want to download CATS game because of the Internet disconnection or inactive store. For that reason, CATS apk app is the solution for that trouble.

- Sometimes, the connection between Android smartphone and wi-fi or data is failed to connect, users have to download CATS apk file into the SD card and then transfer it into their Android smartphones by using the SD card reader.

- If users want to download CATS game, but their Android devices are incompatible with the CATS game latest version which is handled by Google Play, so the solution is file CATS apk for Android.

The instruction to download and install game CATS apk

In order to free download and install CATS game successfully, you had better work on a  third-party website called, which release file CATS apk as sustainable source besides Google Play. You can download apk files from this website for free, safe and save the Internet data.

How to download and install CATS apk for Android phone

Enable Unknown Sources

Unknown Sources feature is defaulted by the producer in Android devices, so in order to download an app from a source other than Google Play, users had better adjust this security feature. If you are going to install an apk file without device permission, this warning will appear on your screen.

App install blocked
App Install Blocked

Android smartphone blocks the apk file installation from third-party sources. To modify Android device, you tap to Settings in the notification that is displaying on the screen, scroll down until you see Security, switch Unknown Sources on. Now you can free download apk file without security block. However, before downloading any apk files, you should check it carefully to prevent virus and malware infecting the apk files.

Enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Next, follow these below steps to free download and install CATS game on Android device.

Step 1: Access the website, search for CATS game by using the search tool in the interface.

cats android
Search for CATS

Step 2: After choosing the matching game, press Download. To confirm, tap OK.

Cats android
Download CATS Android

Step 3: Enter to the folder containing downloaded file CATS apk, press on it to begin the installation. It may consume a few minutes, then you can play CATS game right away.

cats android
CATS installed 

How to download and install CATS apk file on PC

File CATS apk also works on PC via emulator software. There is a score of emulator branches such as Memu, NoxPlayer, Droid4X, BlueStacks, etc. For Android operating system, BlueStacks is the most popular emulators, so I will employ BlueStakcs in those instructive steps on CATS apk installation for Windows.

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks on desktop, click on More apps to operate Browser.

More apps on BlueStacks
Click on More apps in BlueStacks

Step 2: Via Browser, access website, look up CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars game and then click on the matching game after appearing the results.

cats bluestacks
Search for CATS

Step 3: Click on Download. Next, you will receive a notification reporting to the downloading game. To accept, press OK.

cats bluestacks
Download CATS apk file

Step 4: Ater downloading apk file, to install this game, click on the downloaded file, tap install button. Open it to experience this fighting game.

cats bluestacks
CATS Installed

Here are two ways you can easily do to download and install CATS online game apk for free.

Virus Alert for file CATS apk download

Virus modifies other legitimate host files in such a way that when a victim’s file is executed, the virus is also executed. Moreover, viruses are a type of malware that infects technological devices in order to steal information and online accounts. Therefore, you had better to carefully check apk files to find out if it has viruses. I will list part of outstanding situations that your device might be infected by viruses in order to help you bypass malicious apk files.

  • Download the apk files for free that contains virus without checking the file. This is the main cause because users desire to sideload free apps and games, so they often download the apk files from untrusted sources in which may provide unsafe apk files.

  • Transfer apk files via some equipment like SD card, USB, etc.

  • Access some unreliable websites that infected your devices by viruses.

To detect Android viruses, I suggest two effective virus detectors are Virustotal and Metadefender, which scan and find out all types of viruses in apk files. 


CATS: Cash Arena Turbo Stars actually is an attractive online game that you are advised to play at least one time. What’s even better is that CATS game is free and provided by website How do you think about this game? Leave a comment and let us know.