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App version 4.0.5
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Capacity 4.42 MB
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publisher Smart Android Apps, LLC
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equalizer app
Download Equalizer apk

Music is a pivotal part in our life and it is developing and changing rapidly because of the help of new technological devices. If you are searching for a tool to adjust sound quality while producing and listening to music, Equalizer is the best tool in terms of sound booster. Equalizer supports to improve sound effect quality and more. In this writing, I will instruct how to download and install Equalizer apk file for PC and Android.

The introduction of Equalizer app

What is Equalizer app?

Equalizer is a sound booster that enhances your phone sound quality. Specifically, Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels in order to utilize your music or audio coming out of your phone. You can apply Equalizer Presets depended on Music genre or rapidly form your own custom preset with the 5 band Equalizer controller. Besides, Equalizer has additional audio effects that are Bass booster, Virtualizer and Reverb Presets.

Some outstanding features supported by Equalizer:

  • Preset auto-detection

  • Runs on both wired and Bluetooth A2DP headsets

  • Fully optimized for phones and tablets

  • Backup and restore Presets from SD card

  • Works with streaming music like Pandora, Spotify, etc.

  • Notification shortcut available for quick access

  • No root required

New features of Equalizer app

Equalizer apk file
Download Equalizer apk file

Equalizer has been updated with some new features in order to give users the best experience with this app.

  • Preset-auto detect feature is improved

  • When saving a custom preset, users can add an optional music genre tag to use with the preset auto-detect feature

  • With own custom presets, users now can override stock presets

Description of Equalizer apk

Equalizer apk is Android package kit for downloading and installing Equalizer application. This apk file is only operated on Android operating system and saved in the zip format. Users can download Equalizer apk for Windows and Android on website, which allows users to download numerous apk files of applications and games. This apk file is considered as the key to solving troubles related to download and install apps and games.

Why do you have to use apk files?

Equalizer apk file download is the key to tackling a score of complicated cases. Here are they:

  • File Equalizer apk is the best choice in case of Google Play error. Specifically, if you demand to download app Equalizer on Google Play store, but this platform might not work at that time because of the Internet disconnection or inactive store. For that reason, Equalizer apk app is the solution for that trouble.

  • Sometimes, because of the disconnection between Android smartphone and wi-fi or data, users have to download Equalizer apk file into SD card and then transfer it into their Android smartphones.

  • If users want to download Equalizer application, but their Android devices are incompatible with the Equalizer app latest version which is available on Google Play, so the solution is file Equalizer apk for Android.

The instruction to download and install app Equalizer apk

How to download and install Equalizer apk for Android phone

Install apps from Unknown Sources

In Android devices, Unknown Sources feature is defaulted by the producer because of security, so in order to download an app from a source other than Google Play, users had better adjust this security feature. If you are going to install an apk file without device permission, this warning will appear on your screen.

Android Install Blocked
Android Install Blocked

As you can see on the above image, Android smartphone blocks the apk file installation from unknown sources. To modify Android device, you tap to Settings button in the notification that is displaying on the screen, scroll down until you see Security, switch Unknown Sources on. Now you can free download apk file without blocking. However, before downloading any apk files, you should examine it carefully to avoid virus and malware inserted in apk files.

Enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Next, follow these below steps to free download and install Equalizer on Android device.

Step 1: Access the website, search for Equalizer app by using the search tool in the interface.

Search for Equalizer

 Step 2: After choosing the matching app, click on Download.

download equalizer
Download Equalizer apk

Step 3: Enter to the folder containing downloaded file Equalizer apk, press on it to begin the installation. It may consume a few minutes, then you can use Equalizer app right away.

equalizer installed
Equalizer installed

How to download and install Equalizer apk app on PC

File Equalizer apk also can be functioned on PC via emulator software. In details, emulator software enables one computer to behave like a mobile phone or another computer based on the types of emulator aiming at users can experience all apps and games operated on smartphone by using emulator. There is a score of emulator branches such as Memu, NoxPlayer, Droid4X, BlueStacks, etc. For Android operating system, BlueStacks is the most popular emulators, so I will employ BlueStakcs in those steps on Equalizer apk installation for Windows.

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks on desktop, click on More apps to operate Browser.

Enter More apps
Enter More apps

Step 2: Via Browser, access website, look up Equalizer app and then click on the matching app after appearing the results.

bluestacks equalizer
Download Equalizer apk file

Step 3: Click on Download. Next, you will receive a notification reporting to the downloading app. To accept, press OK.

bluestacks equalizer 2
Click on OK

Step 4: Ater downloading apk file, to install app, click on the downloaded file, tap Install button. Open it to experience the app.

app installed
App Installed

Here are two ways you can easily do to download and install Equalizer apk for free.

Virus Alert for file Equalizer apk download

Anti virus
Virus Alert

At first, you have to comprehend what the virus is and why viruses is created. Virus modifies other legitimate host files in such a way that when a victim’s file is executed, the virus is also executed. Moreover, viruses is a type of malware that infects technological devices in order to steal information and online accounts. There are quite a lot of types of malware such as virus, worm, trojan, etc. Therefore, before downloading apk files, you had better to cautiously check it to find out if it has viruses. I will list part of outstanding situations that you might be affected by viruses in order to help you to bypass malicious apk files.

  • Download the apk files for free that contains virus without checking the file. This is the main cause because users desire to sideload free apps and games, so they often download the apk files from untrusted sources in which may provide unsafe apk files.

  • Transfer apk files via some equipment like SD card, USB, etc.

  • Access some unreliable websites that infected your devices by viruses.


Thanks to Equalizer app, you can easily boost your sound effect. What’s even better is that Equalizer app is free and provided by website How do you think about this app? Leave a comment and let us know.