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Download Fake Text Message apk

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App version 6.3
Updated date
Capacity 4.13 MB
Installs 5,000,000+ download
publisher NeuronDigital
SHA1 8c4fd5cd6c7f3af77618ba5ca8efd5a3d93e0b90
Signature 33b0d512a65d62e92e315042149eb5593d9dd786

App description

download fake text message
Download Fake Text Message apk

You desire to receive a message from your idols, famous politicians or anyone you want, but it seems to be impossible. However, now it is in the bag because there is an application called Fake Text message letting you get fake text messages from your dream people. This application is downloaded by thousands of people around the world and it is the most common app in terms of fake message. As a consequence, the demand for Fake Text Message download is so huge on Google Play. However, if Google Play is suddenly inactive, so what will you do? In such case, the solution is the Fake Text Message apk files. For Android users, you might be familiar with apk files. In this writing, you will learn what does apk file work and how to download and install Fake Text Message apk file on Android and Windows.

Fake Text Message introduction

The main features of Fake text message app

Fake Text Message lets users create fake phone number in order to they can send fake messages and receive later on their phone pretending they have just received a message from people they want. For example, with Fake text message, you can receive the message from Justin Bieber, Charlie Puth, Donal Trump or other famous people, but these texts are counterfeit. It is so funny to trick your friends thanks to Fake Text Message. Furthermore, Fake Text Message also allows users to send messages as "failed" at any time you install so that if you forgot to send back messages, you can blame it on your phone. This app works productively on Android KitKat or newer.

fake message
Fake Text Message

By sending messages to yourself via Fake Text Message, you derive many benefits from it. Fake Text Message users get a notification on phone screen, as usual, announcing that you have just received a message, but it is fake. At the same time, you also can send successfully fake messages to anyone or save it as draft if you have not sent it yet. Moreover, as mentioned, you can pretend that your phone occurs error so you cannot answer the text from the receiver by creating failed messages

For each newly updated versions of Fake Text Message, the creator adds some new features. Specifically, they add multimedia message service allowing to attach images with messages. They also focus on graphics revamp. Especially, the icon and app name can be easily changed from preferences to hide the app from others. And the creator also releases the ad-free version of Fake Text Message.

hide fake text message app
Hide Fake Text Message app

This is a must-try application on Android phone because it is quite unique and funny. Let download Fake Text Message app and have fun with it.

About Fake Text Message apk file

Fake Text Message apk file is created to download and install Fake Text Message app without the error or restrictions happening on file distribution platform and the download devices. The apk file stands for Android application package kit that is handled on Google Play or other third-party places. It is supported by Android devices and PC/laptop. This file is compressed in zip format with the extension .apk. In case of Google Play error, you can free download Fake Text Message apk file on the website This is a safe and trusted place where provides original and pure apk files of apps and games. Now, let find out what situations the apk files can help you avoid restriction.

Why should you use apk files?

Apk files are considered as the quick fix for bypassing Google error and equipment and area restrictions. In particular, instead of downloading the root files that are handled on Google Play, you can seek and download apk files to install apps or games successfully. Here are some apparent situations in which you had better download apk files:

- When you are going to download Fake Text Message app on Google Play, but this platform is suddenly inoperative. File Fake Text Message apk is the best choice at this time.

- Android device is incompatible with the latest version on Google Play, so you are advised to download Fake Text Message apk file.

- At some point, because of the disconnection between Android smartphone and wi-fi or data, users have to download apk file Fake Text Message into SD card and then Transfer it into their Android smartphones by using the SD card reader.

- Developers or users take Fake Text Message apk download in order to modify it such as inserting advertisements.

How to download and install Fake Text Message apk on Android

Fake Text Message apk download is carried out directly on the website because this website is a trusted place and rated highly by the Android community. 

For Apk Fake Text Message download on Android, the thing you should remember is enable Unknown Sources. This is a security feature on Android phone in order to prevent the downloads from sources other than Google Play. To enable Unknown Sources, you enter Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Nevertheless, because you have just turned the security block off, so before downloading any apk files, you should examine it carefully in order to not infect your Android devices by viruses. 

enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Next, you follow this instruction to download and install Android Fake Text Message apk file for free:

Step 1: Visit website, in the search bar, type the app name and tap on the matching name in the results.

Fake Text Message app

Step 2: Click on Download. It will appear an announcement on the screen, press Download to confirm.

download fake text message
Download Fake Text Message apk

Step 3: Tap on the folder storing the downloaded apk file, tap Install to begin the Fake Text Message installation. After a short time, you can send fake messages right now.

How to download and install Fake Text Message apk on PC

To free download Fake Text Message apk for Windows, there are two ways that will be presented below. Do these steps below in order to install this app successfully.

Download Fake Text Message apk file via PC's Browser

Step 1: Start web browser on your PC, head the website, find the app by using the search tool.

Step 2: Click on Download.

fake text message on pc
Fake Text Message app

Step 3: Launch BlueStacks emulator soft ware, click on Install apk (3 dots). 

install apk
Launch BlueStacks

Step 4: It will show up a pop-up window, insert the apk file of Fake Text Message, then this app will be installed in BlueStacks.

insert apk file
Insert Fake Text Message apk file

Download Fake Text Message apk via BlueStacks

Using emulator software is a common way to install Android app/game on PC. You can select among a lot of emulator branches such as Memu, NoxPlayer, Droid4X, BlueStacks. This guidance will be carried out on BlueStacks.

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks, click on More apps (up arrow symbol) to start Browser.

click on more apps in bluestacks
Click on More apps to start Browser

Step 2: Under browser, enter website, seek Fake Text Message app.

Step 3: Click on Download.

fake text message
Download Fake Text Message apk via BlueStacks

Step 4: There is a notification appearing later, you click on OK.

fake text message
Click on OK to download

Step 5: Next, click on Install. After the installation has completed, click on Open to experience this app. 

install fake text
Install Fake Text Message

How to scan Fake Text Message apk files

Today, the demand for downloading apk file is speedily enlarging, so the number of third-party sources that provide apk files is also increasing. However, it is highly likely that the apk files on these platforms may be modified to hide viruses or malware inside. As a result, if you download these unsafe apk files, your devices will be infected. Therefore, you had better check up the apk files by using virus detectors before downloading apk files. There are many scanners helping you detect viruses, but these are the most famous and effective ones:

 1. Virustotal: Virustotal is an online threat detector that works effectively on smartphone and PC. It scans apk files that max out at 128MB to detect all viruses, malware, trojan, worm, etc. VirusTotal not only tells you whether a given antivirus solution detected a submitted file as malicious but also displays each engine's detection label.

2. Metadefender: Metadefender is a free malware analysis tool allowing scanning apk files max out at 140 MB. Use MetaDefender when you suspect your devices are infected and you want to find out what and where the infection is. The tool gives you excellent visibility into your endpoint’s processes and the performance of your current anti-malware engine.


Hope this writing can support you to download and install Fake Text Message apk file successfully. Remember to get apk files at website