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App version 1.29
Updated date
Capacity 49.06 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher MobileCraft
SHA1 51c02c8b777d97b8a335f5f0775ac5dd0195d3dd
Signature 0d0718285ba9d4d3ea104e51efb20ed7343ac758

App description

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Download Flick Shoot 2 apk

You are searching for an online game in which you can practice your football skills, especially flick shoot skill. You can enjoy this game everywhere at every time without the hours of gameplay limitation. Flick Shoot 2 game is the answer in such case. Flick Shoot 2 is a free online game that allows players to flick balls both on the single and multiple player modes, so you can free train your skill and then compete online against other players around the world. This game is a high-ranking football game must-have on any Android mobiles of football fans. To download this game, the best way is Flick Shoot 2 apk file download. This writing will guide to download and install Flick Shoot 2 apk on Android and Windows.

The description of Flick Shoot 2 game

Flick Shoot 2 gameplay

Flick Shoot 2 is a free kick football game on Android with more than 20 million downloads. Flick Shoot 2 game is equipped with unique shoot control, 3D graphics and realistic animations, so it definitely gives players the best experience. With Flick Shoot 2 game, players can train and enhance their flick skills. This game has both multiplayer and single player mode with endless missions, challenges, and countless rewards. Especially, if you switch on multiplayer mode, players can join the online tournament for the ultimate challenge against real users from all around the world. 

virustotal gameplay
Flick Shoot 2 Gameplay

Some new intriguing features on Flick Shoot 2 game:

6 different single play modes: Challenge, Arcade, Not miss, Time attack, Dribbling, and Practice.

- Competitive online modes: Multiplayer and Tournament

- Thousands of customizable football or soccer players, jerseys, balls and shoes.

- Advanced 3D graphics, animations, physics.

- Diversified languages in Flick Shoot 2: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish

flick shoot 2
Flick Shoot 2 feature

Flick Shoot 2 apk file

Flick Shoot 2 apk file is Android application package kit designed in order to download and install Flick shoot 2 game on Android. This file is compressed in the zip format with the extension .apk. It is handled both on Google Play and third-party sites. It is advised that you should get apk files on the official site is Google Play, but this platform is not working well all the time. At some point, when Google Play occurs error, the alternative sites can be the best choice. To download apk files for free, safe and fast, you can visit website, which supplies all original and pure apk files of apps and games.

Why should you download Flick Shoot 2 apk file?

If you cannot load Play store or click on download on Google Play, it means that Google Play is not working at that time, so the alternative file is Flick Shoot 2 apk file, you can easily download on third-party sites. 

- Android device is incompatible with the latest version of Flick Shoot 2 on Google Play, so users have to select Flick Shoot 2 apk file with the proper version listed down on the third-party websites. 

- Users or developers want to download Flick Shoot 2 apk file in order to modify this game by inserting advertisements. 

- For people who use Android mobile, but they cannot download Flick Shoot 2 game because the wi-fi or data network is not available. Therefore, they had better seek and download apk file into the SD card and then transfer it on their mobile later.

- People using laptop need to download Flick Shoot 2 game, so the key is apk file of Flick Shoot 2 that can be downloaded via Windows emulator.

Installing Flick Shoot 2 apk? How to check if it is safe?

The apk file installation on Android devices is quite familiar with Android users. However, the question is whether apk files are safe or not. The best solution is antivirus software. If you cannot employ antivirus software, you can use online virus detectors. You will learn how to scan an apk file online by using Virustotal in order to detect all viruses or malware if it has. For those who concern, Virustotal is a free online service detecting all kinds of threats in apk files because it is equipped more than 70 antivirus scanners. Besides, you can also scan apk files via Metadefender and NVISO APk scan, which are the effective apk file scanners for free and fast. 

Step 1: Via PC's browser, seek, then click on its home page to start scanning.

virustotal scanning
Search for Virustotal

Step 2: Select apk file to examine by clicking on Upload and scan file.

Scan apk file via Virustotal

 Step 3: The scan result will be presented after 30 seconds.

scan result virustotal
Scan apk file result 

How to download and install Flick Shoot 2 apk on Android

Flick Shoot 2 apk free download will be performed on website As mentioned, this website shares original and pure apk files, so you are not worried about the apk file quality. It is also a high-ranking apk file distribution platform. 

In order to download Flick Shoot 2 apk Android successfully, the first thing you need to do is enable Unknown Sources. All Android device has this feature to automatically block the downloads from third-party sources other than Google Play. As a consequence, the Flick Shoot 2 apk Android download cannot be done. However, when Google Play occurs error, so the downloads from the other sources are required. To break this barrier, you have to enable Unknown Sources by entering Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

enable unknown sources
Enable Unknown Sources

To install Flick Shoot 2 apk file on Android, do the following: 

Step 1: Access website via the phone's browser, in the search bar, look for Flick Shoot 2.

Step 2: next, touch on Download.

download flick shoot 2
Click on Download

Step 3: Later, a notification will be displayed on the screen, you tap on Ok to continue the download process.

download flick shoot 2
Click on Ok

Step 4: After completing the download, you turn to the Flick Shoot 2 apk installation by tapping on the folder containing the downloaded apk file, press Install. Waiting for 1 minute, now you can play Flick Shoot 2 game on your Android device.

How to download and install Flick Shoot 2 apk on PC

There are two methods to download Flick Shoot 2 apk file PC. You can select between two methods below to install Flick Shoot 2 apk on Windows.

Method 1: Download Flick Shoot 2 apk via PC's browser

Step 1: Access website, search for Flick Shoot 2. 

search for flick shoot 2
Search for Flick Shoot 2 apk

Step 2: Click on Download. Once a notification shows up on the screen, click on Ok to remain the download process.

download flick shoot 2 file
Download Flick Shoot 2 apk file

Step 3: Launch BlueStacks, click on Install apk at the left corner on the screen to insert the downloaded apk file in BlueStacks.

click on Install apk
Click on Install apk

Step 4: Next, when a pop-up window presents on BlueStacks, you transfer apk file to operate Flick Shoot 2 app on BlueStacks.

insert apk file
Insert Flick Shoot 2 apk file

Method 2: Download Flick Shoot 2 apk via BlueStacks

Step 1: Commence BlueStacks, next you click on More apps at the bottom to start Browser.

click on More apps
Start BlueStacks Browser

Step 2: Visit website, seek Flick Shoot 2 app in the search bar.

download Flick Shoot 2 via BlueStacks
Download Flick Shoot 2 apk via BlueStacks

Step 3: Click on Download after finding the exact one. If there is an announcement displaying, click on Ok to stay in the Flick Shoot 2 apk file download.

confirm click on OK
Click on OK

Step 4: Later, when the download has been done, click on Install to initiate the Flick shoot 2 apk file installation. Then Open it to free flick balls in Flick Shoot 2 app when the App installed.

Wrap up

Flick Shoot 2 app is probably the best flicking soccer app for users looking for a flick learning tool on Android. Let follow our guidance and get it on your devices.