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App version 2.4.2
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SHA1 1bc8852dc0f6eb101802a764e7b4bd795d7e5a70
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App description

folder lock
Download Folder Lock apk

If you are searching for an effective tool to limit the access to your data on Android and PC, Folder Lock is for you. Specifically, Folder Lock lets you password-protect files and folders, encrypt significant files. Besides, it also protects portable drives and shred files. This is the most downloaded file-security application. Although Folder Lock app is handled on Google Play, the Google Play error is unavoidable, so you have to download Folder Lock apk file on third-party sources. In this writing, you will know in great detail how to download and install Folder Lock apk on Android and PC from a third-party site.

The description of Folder Lock

Folder Lock is an encryption and password protection tool for data on your Android and PC. For PC, besides folder, this tool also protects USB, CD/DVDs. For Android devices, it secures photos, videos, text docs and even audio files with sensitive content, consisting of voice memos and financial documents as well you may have stored on your Android. Folder Lock allows users encrypt and lock their files, media, and personal information for security purposes. Using Folder Lock, you build password-protected and encrypted storages named Lockers. Under Folder Lock, users can transfer, secure and design back-up of the Lockers in USB, Drives, CD/DVDs and Notebook, and then share these Lockers via email. This way, you can protect your data and ensure you're the only one who can access them.

folder lock feature
Folder Lock features

Folder Lock features quite a few options for securing one’s files such as hack monitoring, data shredding, history cleaning, stealth mode, auto-protection, auto-display feature, portable USB and virtual keyboard. You can select among three different protection methods: a password, an unlock pattern, or a PIN.  With this app, you can secure your most sensitive files from prying eyes. 

What is Folder Lock apk file?

Folder Lock apk stands for Folder Lock Android application package kit and is the file format which Android users employ to distribute and install Folder Lock app. This file contains all the factors that an app needs to install accurately on Android device an Windows. Just like exe files on Windows, you can place an apk file on Android and PC to install an app. While you can extract apk files from Google Play, they are also handled on other apk file distribution platforms. If you are looking for a trusted site sharing original and pure apk files, you can visit website

Why should you manually download apk files?

For Android users, apk files seem to be quite familiar with them because they might encounter with the download errors at least one time, and in such case, they will download apk files to avoid these mistakes. 

- When you cannot access Google Play or it is suddenly inactive.

- Folder Lock app is not available on Google Play.

- Your Android device is incompatible with the Folder Lock latest version handled by Google Play.

- People using laptop want to install Folder Lock on their device to modify this app such as inserting advertisements.

- Android mobile users download Folder Lock apk file into SD card and then transfer it to their smartphone manually because they cannot connect their phone with the Internet or data. 

Virus alert and how to check Folder Lock apk file

Folder Lock apk file is provided both on Google Play and third-party sites. As usual, you had better download apk file from official store Google Play, but it is unavoidable that Google Play store does not work smoothly at all time, so you have to sideload apk file from sources other than Google Play. This is the point. Specifically, the downloads from unknown sources can highly risk your technological devices because apk files shared by unsafe sites may be modified to insert malware or viruses. It aims at stealing users information and ruining their devices gradually. Therefore, if you desire to download apk files, you are advised to choose a trustworthy website and scan apk files before sideloading. Once again, the website allows users to free download pure apk files. Moreover, in order to check and scan apk files, Virustotal is the most powerful tool you need for this action. Virustotal is a free online virus that is equipped with more than 70 anti-virus scan engines, so this tool will point out all of the threats speedily and accurately. All you need to do is insert apk file and wait for 30 seconds until the scan result is presented. Virustotal grants a variety of file submission methods such as desktop uploaders, browser extensions, public web interface, etc. You will learn how to scan an apk file by using Virustotal below:

Step 1: Visit website via PC's browser.

Virustotal interface

Step 2: Click on Choose file, and then insert Folder Lock apk file in the pop-up uploader. The Folder Lock apk file will be scanned immediately.

scan folder lock
Folder Lock scan 

Step 3: When the result displays, you will know whether Folder Lock apk file has viruses or not. As you can see in the image below, the Folder Lock apk file downloaded from website is totally virus-free. 

scan result
Folder Lock scan result

In the next part, the Folder Lock apk download will be illustrated below and the Folder Lock apk file will be downloaded directly from website

Folder Lock apk download and installation on Android

Firstly, before implementing Folder Lock apk file download Android, you need to adjust your mobile in settings in order to allow the downloads from third-party sources. All Android devices have the security block to prevent the downloads exercised outside Google Play, so to modify the device, you enter Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Now you can free download Folder Lock apk file

enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Now do the following to Android download and install Folder Lock apk:

Step 1: Access website, seek Folder Lock in the search bar.

topapkdownload website

Step 2: Tap on Download. When a notification appears, tap on Ok to confirm.

download folder lock app
Download Folder Lock apk file

Step 3: Next, tap on the newly downloaded apk file, it will open and you tap on Install. After a few seconds, you can employ the Folder Lock app to manipulate your data on Android mobile.

install folder lock app
Install Folder Lock app

Folder Lock apk download and installation on PC

The Folder Lock apk PC download will be implemented via PC's browser and emulator software. 

Using PC's browser to download Folder Lock apk file

Step 1: Start PC's browser, visit website and then you search for Folder Lock.

search for folder lock
Search for Folder Lock

Step 2: Click on Download

download folder lock
Download Folder Lock apk file

Step 3: When the apk file has been downloaded, you launch BlueStacks, which is an emulator. Next, you click on Install apk at the left corner. 

install apk
Click Install apk on BlueStacks

Step 4: Insert the Folder Lock apk file to install it on BlueStacks.

insert folder lock apk file
Insert Folder Lock apk file

Step 5: This app will be installed on BlueStacks smoothly.

folder lock installed
Folder Lock installed

Using BlueStacks to download Folder Lock apk file

Step 1: Firstly, you launch BlueStacks, click on More apps at the bottom to open Browser.

click on more apps
Click More apps to start Browser

Step 2: Under Browser, access website, look for Folder Lock in the search bar.

search folder lock
Search for Folder Lock

Step 3: Click on Download.

download folder lock 2
Download Folder Lock 

Step 4: If the system shows up a notification, you click on OK to confirm.

click OK
Click OK

Step 5: Click on Install to begin the Folder Lock installation. Then click on Open to experience this interesting security tool.

folder lock install
Folder Lock installed

Wrap up

Hope this writing helps you to download and install Folder Lock apk file successfully on Android and Windows. This is definitely a must-have application on Android and PC.