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Download gDMSS Lite apk

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App version 3.53.001
Updated date
Capacity 25.67 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher Zhejiang DAHUA Technology Co., Ltd
SHA1 dabdf80513c015cc410a9e615c70e822fecadf48
Signature 2487da2e9d38ec3645404f392cb0d1b4650254cb

App description

gDMSS Lite is an app allows users to connect with the camera in their house to survey remotely when they do not stay at home. With gDMSS, users will see video monitor on their smartphone and PC. It is an effective tool that is must-have in Android and PC if you demand to control your house from anywhere. In this writing, you will learn the gDMSS Lite apk file download on Android and PC

The function of gDMSS Lite application

gDMSS Lite is an Android phone remote surveillance software. Using gDMSS Lite app, users will be able to video monitor web cameras from your smartphone, tablet or PC. it is a free application for remote video surveillance that is equipped with PTZ control (Pan-tilt-zoom camera), which is capable of remote directional and zoom control.PTZ is an abbreviation for pan, tilt, and zoom and reflects the movement options of the camera. PTZ Cameras are commonly used in applications such as surveillance, video conferencing, live production, lecture capture, and distance learning. gDMSS Lite is the lite version of the gDMSS Plus. With gDMSS Lite, users can select many features such as Live Preview, Alarm Control, etc. Users also can watch the remote video again because this tool has Playback feature. 

gdmss lite feature
gDMSS Lite features

What is gDMSS Lite apk file?

gDMSS Lite apk is an Android application package for downloading and installing gDMSS app. This file is only supported on Android operating system and saved in the zip format. You can free download gDMSS Lite apk file for Android and PC on website, which shares quite a few apk files of apps and games that are pure and original. 

Reasons to sideload gDMSS Lite apk file

gDMSS Lite apk file download can avoid a score of complicated situations regarding Google Play and equipment. Here are they:

- gDMSS Lite apk file downloaded from third-party is the quick fix when Google Play occurs error. 

- Because of the disconnection between Android and the Internet, you need to download gDMSS Lite apk file into SD card and then transfer it to Android mobile.

- If you want to download gDMSS Lite application, but your Android devices are incompatible with the gDMSS Lite app latest version updated on Google Play. 

How to make sure the gDMSS Lite apk file is safe

If you download apk files from the third-party sources, so your device might be infected by viruses or malware securely inserted in apk files. For that reason, you must carefully examine apk files to identify whether it has viruses or malware. There are some online virus detectors suggested below will assist you in scanning apk files. These tools will speedily find out all kinds of threats in apk files.

As mentioned, third-party sources seem to be untrustworthy because it is not the official ones. However, the website is highly recommended downloading apk files because it supplies quite a few pure and original apk files derived from Google Play. 

1. Virustotal: Virustotal is a free online service functioning effectively as a virus scanner to recognize all threats such as worm, viruses, trojan, malware, etc. It is equipped with nearly 70 anti-virus engines, so the scan duration and scan speed are so fast and accurate. However, it only can scan and check apk files that max out at 128MB.  This capacity might be inadequate for some games.

2. Metadefender: This is also an apk file scanner testing efficiently all apk files up to 140 MB thanks to multiple antimalware engines. When you suspect your devices are infected and you demand to identify where the bug is. 

Guide to download and install gDMSS Lite apk on Android

Unknown Sources is a security feature defaulted on Android devices, so to download apps or games from third-party sources, users must change this feature. This means that Android mobile blocks the apk file installation from sites other than Google Play. To adjust Android device, you tap on Settings, scroll down until you see Security, switch Unknown Sources on. After removing the security barrier, you can download apk files smoothly. However, you are advised to check apk files carefully before downloading it because now you are responsible for your device's security. 

enable unknown sources
Permit Unknown Sources downloads

Next, you follow these steps below to install gDMSS Lite apk file Android

Step 1: Access website, in the search bar, seek gDMSS Lite.


Step 2: Tap on Download. When a notification shows up, you tap on Ok to maintain the download.

Download gmdss
Download gDMSS Lite apk file

Step 3: Next, tap on the downloaded apk file, press Install. After a while, you can open gDMSS Lite app to monitor your devices.

install gdmss
Install gDMSS Lite 

Guide to download and install gDMSS Lite apk on PC

gDMSS Lite apk download for Windows will be performed in two methods which are PC's browser and emulator. We are going to employ BlueStacks to download and install gDMSS Lite apk PC because it is one of the most common emulators for Windows. 

Download gDMSS Lite via PC's browser

Step 1: On your PC, start browser to visit website, search for gDMSS Lite in the search bar.

search for gdmss
Search for gDMSS

Step 2: Click on Download after finding the matching app. 

download gdmss
Download gDMSS apk file

Step 3: When the apk file has been sideloaded, you click on BlueStacks to launch it and then click on Install apk

install apk
Click Install apk

Step 4: Next you insert the gDMSS Lite apk file in the pop-up window.

insert gdmss lite apk file
Insert gDMSS Lite apk file

Step 5: The gDMSS Lite app will be installed and run on BlueStacks.

gdmss lite installed
gDMSS Lite installed


Download gDMSS Lite via BlueStacks

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks, click on More apps to open Browser.

click more apps
Start Browser on BlueStacks

Step 2: Next, you visit website, look for gDMSS Lite then click on Download. 

download gdmss lite
Download gDMSS Lite

Step 3: After that, you click on OK to maintain the download process.

click on ok
Click on OK

Step 4: Lastly, click on Install to start gDMSS Lite apk installation, then click on Open to experience this app via BlueStacks.

gdmss lite installed
gDMSS Lite installed

The instruction to use gDMSS Lite on Android


- The smartphone is working on Android version 4.0.3 or newer and connects to the Internet.

- You install the security camera system at your house.

Step 1: Download and install gDMSS Lite app on Android mobile by following the guidance above.

Step 2: Launch the app, in the interface, tap on Camera.

gdmss aet up
Tap on Camera

Step 3: Next, you choose the menu button.

gdmss set up
Select menu

Step 3: Select Device Manager

gdmss set up
Select Device Manager

Step 4:  Select add button to add device.

gdmss set up
Select device

Step 5: Select Wired Device.

gdmss set up
Choose Wired device

Step 6: Input the name and tap SN to bring up QR code scanner. 

gdmss set up
Input the information

Step 7:  Input the usernamepassword and select “Start live preview” device will be automatically saved into the application.

gdmss set up
Start Live Preview


With gDMSS Lite app, you can watch your house from anywhere for security purpose. It is quite effective and helpful for those who do not usually stay at home. Let download gDMSS Lite by following the instruction mentioned.