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publisher Chartcross Limited
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Download GPS Test apk file

If you are a traveler, you must remember that before having any trekking into the wild, you have to comprehend the location, the position of the sun and moon, the direction you are coming to and geographical orientation. GPS Test is a helpful app when it comes to checking and locating a foreign land. It saves time and energy to come to far-flung destinations, whether on foot or vehicle. In this writing, the GPS Test download and installation on Android and PC will be presented in great detail.

The features of GPS Test app

GPS Test is a free travel app designed by Chartcross Limited. This app can analyze the GPS reception strength of the current area, update AGPS data for faster fix times all this and other GPS and Sensor data collected from users' phone. Moreover, it also consists of more navigation detection tools for every traveling situation. GPS Test allows users to check if their mobile device is capable to receive the GPS signal of any area. Other than that, with Assisted GPS feature, this app can update the devices regularly, so this updating feature will help the devices have a faster fix time for its GPS. It also tweaks up the checking of a device’s GPS and Sensor to optimize those factors.  

gps test featues
GPS Test features

GPS Test operates on most standard navigation satellite technologies such as BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, GALILEO, Globalnaya Navigazionnaya Sputnikovaya Sistema (GLONASS), Global Positioning System (GPS), Satellite-based Augmentation System (SBAS), and Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS).  When users demand to connect their device’s GPS instrumentations wherever they stay, they can easily turn on the app’s "night mode" and color schemes for precisely organizing the instrumentations. 

GPS Test has six screens of information aiming at navigating: 

- GPS Test signal (SNR) bar chart displays the signal strength for each satellite worked with this app, and the veracity and quality of the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network as well.

- GPS Test locates the satellite positions in the sky (skyview) through a rotating compass.

- User's present location on the earth indicates as text and on the world map. They also show the day/night transition curve and the sun’s position. 

- The app is equipped with a detailed compass for campers, backpackers, and travelers. 

- Making use of the GPS technology, GPS Test can rapidly and accurately track the user’s speed, going direction and altitude into an organized text. Relating to time, the app presents the time recorded based on the device’s built-in GPS, the local time zone and the local sunrise and sunset, which is very advantageous for campers who may usually be stuck in the middle of nowhere at nightfall.

GPS Test travel app
GPS Test travel app on Android

GPS Test app works smoothly with Coordinate Grids standards such as CH1903, Maidenhead, MGRS, OSGB, UTM, and USNG. Furthermore, it also runs on Geodetic Datums like AGD66, AGD84, ED50, NAD83, NAD27, SAD69, and WGS84. Users have a chance to freely purchase the exclusive GPS Test Plus Navigation where it contains an uncomplicated navigation interface, exchanging of location via online platforms, for example, SMS, email or Twitter. This app has some noticeably dials features such as Altimeter, Speedometer, and Compass, 7-segment LED font, Dot Matrix font, and HUD mode. Any users of Honeycomb OS and big screen devices are made sure that GPS Test app will operate seamlessly.

About GPS Test apk file

GPS Test apk file aims at distributing and installing GPS Test app on Android and PC. GPS Test apk file is saved in the zip format with the .apk extension. Android users can download apk files on Google Play and other platforms. If you are seeking a trusted apk file distribution platform, I highly recommend website, which share pure, safe and original apk files only. 

Why should you sideload GPS Test apk file?

- When you cannot click on download on Google Play or fully load information, it means that Google Play is happening error, so the alternative method is file GPS Test apk sideloading on third-party websites. 

- Android smartphone is incompatible with the GPS Test latest version updated regularly on Google Play.

- Users or developers want to modify GPS Test apk file.

- For people using Android mobile cannot download successfully GPS Test app because of the Internet disconnection. Therefore, they had better seek and download apk file from other sites into the SD card and then transfer it on their mobile later.

- People using laptop need to download GPS Test app, so the key is the GPS Test apk file on third-party sources downloaded via Windows emulator.

How to scan GPS Test apk file for viruses?

Malware and virus are software intentionally formed to damage a computer. It is said that apk files can implant malware into a computer or smartphone, then the malware will secretly steal information from the target’s computer. One way to reject virus or malware from infecting your technology equipment is by downloading apk files from reputable sites only. I greatly suggest website, which is a safe source for downloading virus-free apk files. Another way you can defend your devices again viruses is by scanning those files to detect viruses and malware before installing. There are plenty of scanners which support you scan the apk files before you bring it into your devices. 

To illustrate, I will scan GPS Test apk file provided by website

Step 1: Head to website

Virustotal interface


Step 2: Upload GPS Test apk file

upload gps test apk file
Upload GPS Test apk file

Step 3: Check the scan result.

gps test scan result
GPS Test scan result

Through the scan result exhibiting above, I can ensure that the website is a trustworthy apk file distribution platform. 

How to download and install GPS Test apk on Android?

To sideload GPS Test apk on your Android smartphone, it is essential that you allow the downloads from other sources because of a security block set up on Android mobile by default. You enter Settings > Security > enable Unknown Sources to get rid of this download restriction and install file GPS Test from a third-party source. You might have to confirm it with an OK

enable Unknown Sources
Enable Unknown Sources

In the next part, you carry out these steps below to download GPS Test for Android:

Step 1: Head to the website, search for app GPS Test in the search bar.

seek GPS Tets on mobile
Seek GPS Test on Android mobile

Step 2: Then tap Download.

download gps test apk
Download GPS Test apk 

Step 3: There is a notification displaying later, you tap on OK to continue.

tap ok gps test
Tap on Ok

Step 4: After a while, the GPS Test has been downloaded on your Android mobile, you navigate the installation process by tapping on Install. Then you Open the app to apply GPS Test app in reality.

install gps test on mobile
Install GPS Test on android mobile

How to download and install GPS Test apk on PC?

On Windows, you can select among two simple ways to download and install GPS Test apk which are the GPS Test installation from one browser and from an emulator. I will install GPS Test apk via BlueStacks, which is the most prevalent emulator on Windows. 

Installing GPS Test from Browser

Step 1: First, visit website via PC's browser, search for the GPS Test app in the search bar.

seek gps test
Seek GPS Test app

Step 2: Click on Download.

download GPS Test apk file
Download GPS Test apk file

Step 3: Next, you open BlueStacks, click on Install apk (3 dots) at the left corner.

install apk on bluestacks
Install apk on Bluestacks

Step 4: When a pop-up window presents, you upload the newly downloaded GPS Test apk file. 

upload gps test apk file
Upload GPS Test apk file

Step 5: Later, the GPS Test app will be on Bluestacks.

gps test installed bluestacks
GPS Test installed on BlueStacks

Installing GPS Test apk from BlueStacks

Step 1: Firstly, you open BlueStacks, then click on More apps at the bottom to start Browser (Google Chrome).

more apps
Start Browser on BlueStacks

Step 2: Visit website, then search for GPS Test app.

seek gps test on bluestacks
Seek GPS Test on blueStacks

Step 3: Click on Download.

download Gps test on bluestacks
Download GPS Test apk

Step 4: An announcement shows on the screen later, you click on Ok to confirm the download.

click on  ok
Click on Ok

Step 5: The GPS Test apk file will be downloaded quickly. Next, you Open the file and Install it. Now, can experience GPS Test app via BlueStacks.

install gps test on bluestacks
Install GPS Test via Bluestacks


Do not forget to download and install GPS Test app on your devices before any trips because it is so helpful if you, unfortunately, get lost.