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Download Grand Truck Simulator apk

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App version 1.13
Updated date
Capacity 49.78 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher Pulsar Gamesoft
SHA1 9cde0ddc20d68512cc13b5b3f32124ccb449306f
Signature 867178f304981a569e151a71d4a4f933838169e5

App description

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Download Grand Truck Simulator apk

Grand Truck Simulator is a simulation game which designed vast truck models equipped with numerous handy features, so players can experience the most fashionable trucks based on the realistic physic. It attracts players thanks to its catchy design and exciting gameplay. It is a must-try game on Android or you can play it on PC via emulators. In this writing, you will learn the way to download and install Grand Truck Simulator apk on Android and Windows. 

About Grand Truck Simulator gameplay

Grand Truck Simulator is an online game that simulates the truck models. These virtual truck models will be owned or driven by players to get the best experience with the most fashionable trucks. At first, players will start with basic trucks and then advance to better trucks to find good jobs. With the Grand Truck Simulator mod, players can make their own skins for trucks and trailers or download from other guys. Moreover, this game is so realistic because players drive trucks on the map based on Sao Paulo - Brasil, even the body trucks are damaged and broken glasses if the truck gets in accidents. 

truck model
Truck Simulator

Furthermore, the trucks are equipped with many equipment and engines such as trailer lights, dashboard, and automatic brake assist. Besides, it also has different types of trailers such as chassis, chassis + trailer, 3 axle semi, 2 axle semi, 2+1 axle semi, bitren 7 axle, etc. The game design includes realistic sun system on both day and night time and fog.

grand truck simulator design
Grand Truck Simulator features

What is Grand Truck Simulator apk file?

For Android users, you may be familiar with apk files because apk file is only operated on Android operating system. This file is compressed in the zip format with the extension .apk.  In such case, Grand Truck Simulator apk is created to distribute and install Grand Truck Simulator app on Android devices. For those using PC want to have Grand Truck Simulator on their equipment, they can download apk file via emulator software. Apk files are supplied not only on Google Play but also other apk file distribution platforms. If you are looking for a trustworthy site, website is highly recommended for you because this site only shares pure and original apk files for free and safe downloads.

Reasons to sideload Grand Truck Simulator apk file

There are various reasons that you are advised to sideload apk files from sites other than Google Play, but we just list a number of noticeable cases relevant to your problem.

- You cannot access Google Play store or this official site cannot load. 

- People who use the laptop (Windows or Mac) want to download Grand Truck Simulator apk to play this game on Android emulator software.

- For people using Android mobile phone, they do not have wifi or 3G connection but want to have Grand Truck Simulator on their phone. Therefore, they need to download apk file into the SD card and then transfer it via SD card reader.

- The users or developers demand to modify this game. 

- The Android device is incompatible with the Grand Truck Simulator’s latest version, so they have to sideload apk files from sites other than Google Play.

Best free virus detectors to check Grand Truck Simulator apk file

We all know that Android allows users to sideload apk files from apk file distribution platforms other than Google Play. It is highly likely that some apk files can be modified to put viruses on it secretly. Furthermore, cybercrime is a dangerous offense and growing at a rapid pace today. The point is that hackers milk the apk file download "hole" so as to view personal data such as banking information and emails or technological devices performance can be tremendously affected once infected by a virus. Specifically, viruses eat away at hard drive space, deny connection to the Internet, and block valuable programs. You may have heard that scanning apk files before sideloading is an important procedure. So what virus detectors are the best for you? There are tons of tools out there and we have figured out the best ones for your device. Out of top 3:

1. NVISO Apk Scan

NVISO Apk Scan is a handy online tool to scan apk files for malware. It is great at detecting viruses that attack users' devices. Getting scan results may take time depending on queue, so users can enter their email address to receive a notification once the scan report is available.

Nviso apk scan
Scan Grand Truck Simulator apk via NVISO Apk Scan

2. Virustotal

Virustotal is a top-notch threat analysis tool that user-friendly,  has accurate, reliable antivirus engines and works well on apk files.  It does a great job at keeping things simple while still making sure apk files are scanned comprehensively. Virustotal seems to be one of the quickest scanning mechanisms based on the industry average for free antivirus software.  Unfortunately, Virustotal only scans apk files below 128 MB. However, this online tool is great for those who like to have a quick result to view and a system that is easy to use.

virustotal scan
Scan Grand Truck Simulator apk via Virustotal

3. Metadefender

Metadefender is the best antivirus to find out all malicious apk files. You can always be sure that apk files are scanned by the most up-to-date software. Its great detection rates make this antivirus online tool stand out from the rest. The advantage of this analysis is it scans apk files up to 140 MB, so it works well with most apk file of games and apps.

metadefender scan
Scan Grand Truck Simulator apk via Metadefender

As you can see on the image above, the Grand Truck Simulator apk file downloaded from website is virus-free because the scan tool did not find out any threats on it. 

Download Grand Truck Simulator apk for Android

The Android operating system's strength is how simple it is to sideload apps which are not available on Google Play store. Rather than having to go through the sophisticated jailbreaking procedure download, Android users just enable a single toggle called Unknown Sources.  All you need to do is switch Unknown Sources on so as to allow sideloading apps on Android mobile. Although the correct name of the settings entries listed below may vary slightly among devices, the general process should be very similar. Now you head to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.

enable unknown sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Now, to implement Grand Truck Simulator apk Android download, you just need to follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Visit website, search for Grand Truck Simulator on the search bar.

seek grand truck simulator mobile
Seek Grand Truck Simulator on

Step 2: Next, you tap on Download.

download grand truck simulator mobile
Download Grand Truck Simulator apk file

Step 3: Then, when a notification appears on the screen, you accept the ask by pressing OK.

click on ok grand truck simulator mobile
Click on OK

Step 4:  Later, you tap on the newly downloaded apk file if it has been done, the Grand Truck Simulator installation will begin after you press Install. Within 1 minute, you can play Grand Truck Simulator on your Android device.

install grand truck simulator mobile
Install Grand Truck Simulator on Android

Download Grand Truck Simulator for PC

The Grand Truck Simulator apk PC download is so flexible because you can download via both PC's browser and emulator software. You select the preferred method and do exactly what I instruct below, so you will have Grand Truck Simulator on PC. In this guidance, I will employ BlueStacks, which is the most popular emulator software on Windows, so the guidance will be more general. 

Grand Truck Simulator apk download for Windows via PC's browser

Step 1:  You open browser on the desktop to head website and then look for Grand Truck Simulator game.

seek grand truck simulator pc
Seek Grand truck simulator

Step 2: Click on Download. If a notification present later, you click on Ok to continue the download process.

download grand truck simulator pc
Download Grand Truck Simulator on PC

Step 3: You launch BlueStacks after the apk file has been downloaded. Later, you click on Install apk at the left corner.

install apk
Click on Install apk

Step 4: When a pop-up window presents, you insert the newly downloaded apk file into.

upload grand truck simulator apk file
Upload Grand Truck Simulator apk file

Step 5: The Grand Truck Simulator app will be installed via BlueStacks. 

grand truck installed pc
Grand Truck Simulator installed 

Grand Truck Simulator apk download for PC via BlueStacks

Step 1:  You open BlueStacks at first, click on More apps to start Browser.

more apps
Start Browser on BlueStacks

Step 2: Using Browser, visit website, seek Grand Truck Simulator app.

seek grand truck simulator
Seek Grand Truck Simulator

Step 3: Click on Download.

download grand truck simulator
Download Grand Truck Simulator 

Step 4: If a notification shows up, you click on Ok to stay in the download. 

click on ok
Click on Ok

Step 5: After that, you click Install to start the Grand Truck Simulator installation. Then Open it to immediately drive your dream truck in Grand Truck Simulator game.

grand truk simulator install bluestacks
Grand Truck Simulator installed via BlueStacks


Grand Truck Simulator will surely meet the player's demand for seeking a virtual game on Android and PC. Let download and do not miss this hot game.