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App version 1.20.p1
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Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher DHGAMES
SHA1 77948899c7dd3a9b9a69c655d0171ad283ce6e68
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Download Idle Heroes apk

Idle Heroes is a massively multiplayer online role-playing Android game which allows players to join plenty of battle arena or become the leader guiding their own warriors in order to win all fights. It attracts players due to its beautiful design and challenging gameplay. Now, players can experience this game not only on Android mobile but also on PC via emulator software. In this writing, you will learn how to download and install Idle Heroes apk on Android and PC.

The Idle Heroes gameplay

Idle Heroes is a unique Android game attracting thousands of players around the world. With Idle Heroes, gamers will create their heroes and then battle for victory. Playing Idle Heroes, you can join with your guild and begin your journey from Sara Forest to the High Heaven, or even direct your band of heroes into ancient ruins to fight against the forces of darkness.

Idle Heroes gameplay
Idle Heroes gameplay

Game features:

This game is equipped with an idle system, so players can train their heroes while they are away. After a while, players log in their game account, their characters will be more powerful, advance new abilities and ready for any battle. Moreover, you also strengthen and equip a strong squad without all the grinding.

-  Creating an evolving strategy with nearly 200 heroes in various factions with distinct skills. Furthermore, as a leader, you can easily summon your warriors, enhance their skills to turn into skillful heroes or convert them into spirit material for evolving. In order to win all the battles, you had better equip your warriors with magical gears, and outfit. 

- This game has tons of fun with battlegrounds galore and dungeons aplenty, heroic quests, mysterious towers, arena, guild, etc.

- Attending plenty of guild wars. You can battle alongside your friends and other players so as to take control of the floating continent. Entering multiplayer guild boss-battles and guide your guild with supremacy privilege. 

-  Joining a series of the worldwide arena with the strongest heroes to battle in arena and let them PK online in a multiplayer contest for glory. If you are the winner, you can receive a lot of best rewards and climb highly the leader board.

idle heroes game features
Idle Heroes game features

Why should you sideload Idle Heroes apk file?

- You cannot wholly access Google Play store or this official site cannot load. 

- People who use the laptop (Windows or Mac) want to download Idle Heroes apk to play this game on emulator software.

- For people using Android mobile phone, they do not have wifi or 3G connection but want to install Idle Heroes game on their phone. Therefore, they need to download apk file into the SD card and then transfer it via SD card reader.

- The users or developers demand to modify this game. 

- The Android device is incompatible with the Idle Heroes’ latest version, so they have to sideload apk files from sites other than Google Play.

Virus scanner for Idle Heroes apk file

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Guide to download and install Idle Heroes apk on Android

If you are an Android user, sideloading (install apps from sources other than Google Play) is a crucial action when you have to encounter with the download error on Google Play. To download apk files from other sites, you need to enable Unknown Sources, which preventing the downloads outside Google Play by default, by entering Settings > Security > switch Unknown Sources on. However, when you turn Unknown Sources on, it actually universally permitted all apk file distribution platforms which means the Android operating will not concern about the source of the apk files. Therefore, you had better check and scan apk files carefully before downloading them or you should download from a trusted place such as website If you have allowed website only, you can ensure that you will not be installing malicious apk files.

enable Unknown sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Now, you do these simple steps below to download Idle Heroes Android:

Step 1: Enter the website, search for app Idle Heroes.

search for Idle Heroes
Search for Idle Heroes

Step 2: Tap Download.

download Idle Heroes
Download Idle Heroes apk

Step 3: When a notification shows on the screen, you tap on Ok to maintain the download.

tap on Ok
Tap on OK

Step 4: After the apk file has been downloaded, you tap that file, it will automatically navigate the installation process. Next, you tap Install and the apk file will be operated and after 1 minute, you can play Idle Heroes on your Android mobile.

install Idle heroes
Install Idle Heroes on Android mobile

Guide to download and install Idle Heroes apk on PC

The Idle Heroes installation will be completed in two ways which are the downloads via PC's browser and emulator software. In this guidance, I will employ BlueStacks, which is the most prevalent emulator on Windows. For other options, you can select Nox Player, Droid4X or Memu.

Idle Heroes download via PC's Browser

Step 1: Access website via PC's browser, search for the Idle Heroes app in the search bar.

seek idle heroes on pc
Seek Idle Heroes via PC's browser

Step 2: Click on Download.

download idle heroes pc
Download Idle Heroes on PC

Step 3: Next, you open BlueStacks, click on Install apk (3 dots) at the left corner.

install apk on bluestacks
Click on Install apk

Step 4: When a pop-up window presents, you upload the newly downloaded Idle Heroes apk file.

upload idle heroes apk file
Upload Idle Heroes apk file on BlueStacks

Step 5: The Idle Heroes game will be installed on BlueStacks. 

idle heroes installed on pc
Idle Heroes Installed on PC

Idle Heroes download via BlueStacks

Step 1: Firstly, you launch BlueStacks, then click on More apps at the bottom to start Browser.

start bluestacks browser
Start BlueStacks' browser

Step 2: Visit website, seek Idle Heroes app.

seek idle heroes on bluestacks
Seek Idle Heroes on bluestacks

Step 3: Click on Download.

download Idle heroes apk
Download Idle Heroes apk via BlueStacks browser

Step 4: A warning is going to show up, you click on Ok to confirm the download.

click on Ok
Click on OK

Step 5: The Idle Heroes apk file will be downloaded quickly. Next, you Open the file and Install it. Now, can enjoy Idle Heroes game via BlueStacks.

install Idle Heroes on BlueStacks
Install Idle Heroes on BlueStacks


Idle Heroes game is an attractive game that you will surely have a chance to experience the best game ever. Hope this writing is helpful for you to download and install Idle Heroes successfully.