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Download Indian Train Simulator apk

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Download Indian Train Simulator apk

If you are a big fan of simulator game, Indian Train Simulator will definitely be your first choice when you want to play games in free time. Indian Train Simulator is an Android game has a lot of exciting features and locomotive engines, so it will certainly give players the best experience of working as train drivers. For Indian Train Simulator installation, you can download Indian Train Simulator apk file both on Google Play and other apk file distribution platforms. In this writing, you will learn how to download and install Indian Train Simulator apk on Android and PC from a third-party website called 

The Indian Train Simulator gameplay

locos indian train simulator
Indian Train Simulator engine selection

The Indian Train Simulator is an Android game giving players the great experience of working as a train driver at some of the most popularly used locomotive engines and driving through diverse routes and stations in India. The stations contain Chennai — Bengaluru — Mumbai — Borivali — Surat — Bharuch — Vadodara — Anand — Ahmedabad — Godhra — Dahod — Ratlam — Kota — Sawai Madhopur — Jaipur — Mathura — Agra — Palwal — Hazrat Nizamuddin — New Delhi. Especially, there are 18 available Locomotives which are WAP4, WAP7, WDG-3A, WAP5, WAG7, WAG9, WDP4, WDG4, WAG7 (Tiger Face), WAM4, WCAM-3. 

indian train simulator
Indian Train Simulator game download

Indian Train Simulator game is quite much easy to play both for kids and adults. This game is divided into three modes which are Career, Play Now and Drive Mode. The Career mode creates 4 chapters, with plenty of levels of difficulty depended on the regions and climate. Players will be rewarded with extra locos and supplied with a large number of tough challenges. Several levels would require players to pick up passengers and goods. Nonetheless, the gameplay stays the same. Besides, the Play Now mode is an instant quick play mode and the drive mode lets you customize your train and the challenge. Furthermore, this Android game is also designed with an advanced mode where gamers could control the braking independently. 

The experience created by the Indian Train Simulator is wholly enjoyable. Despite the short scenarios, the game is certainly relaxing and satisfying for sim-loving fans.

How to play Indian Train Simulator

how to play indian train simulator
Indian Train Simulator gameplay

Standing on the mode you have selected on the setting screen, you would be demanded to manipulate the sliders for the acceleration and braking based on the on-screen signals. If there is no speed limit warning later, you had better slow down as there would be a train station where you have to halt and pick up passengers or goods. On the left side, you can see numerous options such as headlight toggle switch, cabin light switch, the horns, the emergency brake. There are also quite a few camera views that you can toggle through. You can refuse the clients you do not like from the settings screen.

What is Indian Train Simulator apk file?

Indian Train Simulator apk file is used to distribute and install Indian train Simulator game on Android. It is compressed in the zip format with the extension .apk.  Apk files are officially available on Google Play, but users also sideload apk files from third-party sites. However, before downloading any apk files, users are advised to scan and check it carefully for viruses and malware. Another method is users should download apk files from trustworthy places such as website, which only provides safe, virus-free and original apk files of most apps and games

Why should you sideload Indian Train Simulator apk file?

- Google Play has suddenly error in loading information or preventing the Indian Train Simulator download, so the download on Google Play cannot be done.

- For those who use Windows or Mac want to download apk file then install it on emulator software.

- Developers or gamers want to modify Indian Train Simulator game such as adding advertisements.

- Android device is incompatible with the latest version of Indian Train Simulator game which is updated constantly by Google Play, so the apk file sideloading is the alternative method because most apk file distribution platforms other than Google Play provide apk files with numerous versions, so you can choose the proper one.

Best online scanner for safe Android Indian Train Simulator apk file download  

Now, before you jump on the Indian Train Simulator download and installation, let see how viruses can infect your device, and what you can do to detect if apk files have viruses or other threats. 

When apk file installed, the virus, a network worm, would infect user's devices via apk file mod. If you download apk files from third-party sites, these files can be modified to quietly insert malware or viruses. Hackers benefit the high demand for sideloading apk files in order to spread viruses into users' devices and then steal their personal data.  In order to protect your device from viruses, you can use some virus detectors to scan apk files before sideloading them such as Metadefender, Virustotal, NVISO Apk scan. These tools are free and effective. Here are some noticeable advantages of online virus detectors:

- Users have not to install virus scanners on their devices.

- They do not need to purchase any fee.

- They are cross-functional tools such as they operate on both mobile devices and desktops. 

- There is no need to update these tools because all the antivirus databases have been already downloaded to the online scanner. 

In the coming part, Indian Train Simulator apk file download and installation will be carried out on the website This website is rated highly by the Android community because it only shares the reliable, secure and harmless apk files and allows users to download apk files for free, safe and fast.

How to download and install Indian Train Simulator apk on Android

Android mobile is set to prohibit app installation from third-party sites other than the official on that is Google Play by default. It is obvious that the Indian Train Simulator download directly implementing on website is also prevented. Nevertheless, when Google Play unexpectedly happens errors relevant to the download process, so the downloads from third-party places are the back-up method. In order to download Android Indian Train Simulator apk file from website successfully, you had better enable Unknown Sources by entering Settings > Security > switch Unknown Sources on.

enable unknown sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Now, you conduct these simple steps below to download Indian Train Simulator Android:

Step 1: Enter the website, search for app Indian Train Simulator app in the search bar.

search indian train simulator mobile
Seek Indian Train Simulator

Step 2: Next, tap Download.

download Indian Train simulator
Download Indian Train Simulator apk

Step 3: When a notification shows on the screen, you tap on Ok.

tap ok
Tap on OK

Step 4: After the apk file has been downloaded, you tap that file, it will automatically navigate the installation process. Then, you tap Install and after 1 minute, you can play Indian Train Simulator on your Android mobile.

install Indian train simulator mobile
Install Indian Train Simulator on Android

How to download and install Indian Train Simulator apk on PC

The Indian Train Simulator installation is capable of carrying out in two manners which are the downloads via PC's browser and emulator software. In this instruction, I will employ BlueStacks, which is the most prevalent emulator on Windows. Moreover, you can select Nox Player, Droid4X or Memu, which are also some effective emulators.

Indian Train Simulator download via PC's browser

Step 1: Firstly, visit website via PC's browser, seek Indian Train Simulator app in the search bar.

seek indian train simulator pc
Seek Indian Train Simulator 

Step 2: Click on Download.

download indian train simulator apk
Download Indian Train Simulator apk

Step 3: Next, you open BlueStacks, click on Install apk (3 dots) at the left corner.

install apk
Install apk on BlueStacks

Step 4: When a pop-up window displays, you upload the newly downloaded Indian Train Simulator apk file.

upload indian train simulator apk file
Upload Indian Train Simulator apk file 

Step 5: The Indian Train Simulator game is going to install on BlueStacks. 

indian train simulator installed
Indian Train Simulator installed on PC

Indian Train Simulator download via BlueStacks

Step 1: Firstly, you launch BlueStacks, then click on More apps at the bottom to start Browser.

start browser
Launch Browser on BlueStacks

Step 2: Access website, seek Indian Train Simulator game.

seek indian train simulator
Seek Indian Train Simulator via BlueStacks

Step 3: Click on Download.

download indian train simulator
Download Indian Train Simulator apk

Step 4: A warning is going to show up, you click on Ok to confirm.

click ok
Click OK

Step 5: The Indian Train Simulator apk file will be downloaded. Next, you Open the file and Install it. After that, you have Indian Train Simulator game on BlueStacks. Now you can play this game on your PC.

install indian train simulator
Install Indian Train Simulator for PC


Overall, Indian Train Simulator is an impressive Android game to play with enjoyable gameplay and intriguing graphics. Let download and install this game on your Android and PC by carrying out the detailed instruction above.