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App version 9.3.9
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publisher Gameloft
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App description

If you have a creative mind and like buildings thing from scratch, try Little Big City 2

The game lets you unleash your imagination as you will take the role of a mayor who carries out the great mission of transforming a tropical island into a bustling & beautiful metropolis. with stunning 3D graphics, your city will be like a paradise with high-rise buildings, beaches, trees, parks, etc. Why don't you download Little Big City 2 apk today and build the paradise of your dream? You would be having so fun playing this game that surely makes you glued to your phone for the whole day.

Little Big City 2 download

Little Big City 2- An engaging gane to play

Little Big City is a social strategy game developed by Gameloft. Joining the game,you will be in charge of a mayor to design and build the prospering city using a vast number of creative resources. When you first enter the world of Little Big City 2 game, you will be given a deserted tropical island. If you think your task is to find any way to survive or build weapons to kill zombies, you're wrong. Unlike survival games, in this game, you will have to make your city grow and offer your inhabitants all the necessary facilities by building new homes and setting up shops.

Initially, your city has nothing but plants and weeds, so your aim is to clean them up and replace them with high-rise buildings, shopping malls, shopping centers or a large park. The more experience and money you get, the more the population of your city will grow. 

Money can be earned by producing and exchanging goods. Doing daily tasks is also an effective way to make more money. Diamonds are special money in the game. You can earn diamonds by watching ads, doing quests or buying it in cash. Besides, Little Big City 2 MOD download gives you a large amount of money so you can build your city quickly. 

Key Features: 

  • Different  types of houses to build and shops to place

  • A huge collection of decorations

  • Community buildings that increase population capacity

  • Various types of crops to grow

  • Multiple missions to carry out

  • Collect gold from houses and shops

  • Various mini-games on offer

  • Limited amount of energy for performing tasks

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What is Little Big City 2 APK?

To put it simply, Little Big City 2 APK is a package file containing all elements to install the game correctly into Android-powered devices. You can download Big City 2 APK easily from Google Play Store or third-party sources

Why do we need to download Little Big City 2 APK?

When it comes to the safest place for big city game download, the one that spring to most users’ mind is Google Play Store. It offers them a chance to download and install the game without any costs. However, due to its excessive fragment, people sometimes find it hard to access the store to download the game. In this case, the best alternative is to download Big City 2 APK from other sources. Besides, there are some other reasons for Big City 2 APK download as follows:

  • You can’t access Google Play Store to download the game

  • You desire to download Big City 2 APK to play the game in a big screen of your PC

  • Your phone is outdated, which is not compatible with the version of the application available on the Google Play.

  • Developers want to download free Little Big City 2 apk to modify.

How to download and install Little Big City 2 on Android/PC

You can get Little Big City into your device just by a few clicks. Please follow these steps carried out on the website to help you successfully install Little Big City 2  apk file on your Android device without much effort. This is the website mainly providing original and pure apk file and fast download speed. You can also find and download Little Big City 2 apk latest version in the site for a better experience.

1. Download and install Little Big City 2 apk for Android phones

* Note: For the security, most Android phones block sideloaded app. Thus, to download Little Big City 2 apk from sources other than Google Play store, you should enable installation from 'Unknown source' in your phone's settings.

Step 1: Head to the website then search for 'Little Big City 2'

Little Big City 2 apk download

Step 2: Tap on the app 'Little Big City 2' and then select  'Download' APK. Next, once a warning appears, tap 'Ok' to continue the process.

Little Big City 2 apk download1

Step 3: Wait for a few seconds to get the file downloaded then tap 'Open'.

Little Big City 2 apk download2

 Step 4: Once a verification question appears, tap on 'Install' to confirm.


Little-Big City 2 apk download4

Step 4: The installation of Little Big City 2 apk has been done! tap 'Done' to finish the process or 'Open' to start playing game.

Little Big City 2 apk download5

 2. Download Little Big City 2 apk for PC/Laptop

If you want to play Little Big City 2 on your PC, then an emulator is a must-have. Seeking for the best simulator is not difficult at all as there are multiple Android emulators out there, but Bluestacks is highly recommended.

Method 1: Using a PC's web browser

Step 1: Acess the website and search for 'Little Big City 2'.

little big city 2

Step 2: Click on the app, select 'Download' apk then wait for the download to complete.

little big city2 download apk

 Step 3: Open Bluestack then move the mouse to the ‘three vertical dots’ icon at the top left corner, click on 'Install APK'.

little big city 2

 Step 4: Select the file Little Big City 2 apk you've downloaded and click on 'Open'. 

little big city2 download apk

 Method 2: Using a BlueStacks’s web browser

Step 1: Open Bluestacks then head to 'More apps' at the botttom, select Google Chrome then visit website Next, Enter 'Little Big City 2' at the search bar and search.

Little Big City 2 apk download9

Step 2: Click on 'download' then select 'OK' when a warning appears. 

Little Big City 2 apk download10

Step 3: Go to 'Media Manager' then click on the little big city 2 apk file you've just downloaded.

Little Big City 2 apk download11

Step 4: Click on 'install' to confirm when the verification question appears.

Little Big City 2 apk download12

The screen will display 'app stalled'  when the installation completes. After that, go back to the home screen of Bluestack, you will see the icon of Little Big City 2 .

Is Little Big City APK from third-party site Safe?

Little big city 2 free download offered by untrusted sites can be risky. You’re likely to be vulnerable to threats deliberately caused by malicious files. Therefore, to stay safe, it’s essential to choose a reputable site to download Little Big City APK.

How to Check If the  Little Big City  Apk File Has Viruses

Apart from downloading Little Big City apk for free from a trusted source, another way to ensure the purity of the file you download is using scanning tools to check for viruses. There is a bunch of scanners across the Internet.​ But which one is the best may concern you. To save your time, we would like to recommend VirusTotal, a truly effective solution that lets you scan and check files for malware and viruses.

We hope that with these instructions and tips above, you will get rid of your worries about the purity of the file. For better experience, you should download Little Big City 2 mod APK.

Little Big City 2 download3


Little Big City 2 is truly an engaging game that you should definitely give it a try. We believe that its awesome features are persuasive enough to engage you in the game. If you face any problems in downloading and installing Little Big City 2 on Android or PC, please be free to reach out us. We’re here to help you! Thanks for reading