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publisher Sudhakar Kanakaraj
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App description

Have you ever desired to escape the rat race of the adulthood and leave all the hustle and bustle of the modern life behind for a while? Or you just look back on your own childhood with a sense of nostalgia and remember that sense of innocence and freedom your mini version had? With the mission to cherish every childhood moments, Ludo classic is coming just for all of us to travel back the old days when our playmates gathered together to immerse ourselves in the excitement that the board game app offered.

The first and foremost source that comes to users’ mind when they are in need of downloading Ludo classic online is Google Play as it is the official supplier of applications. However, at certain times, users encounter some problems associated with this authorized source, which deters them from having the Ludo game installed in their devices. In such case, the excellent alternative is to download Ludo classic gameplay apk on thanks to the convenience the site offers. 

This writing, with the aim of supplying Ludo online game features and the guidance to have the free Ludo game download in the form of an apk file for Android mobile phones and PCs, hopes to become your right- hand supporter to your childhood reminiscence.

ludo classic download apk

  1. Brief overview of Ludo classic application

Ludo classic game is an online strategy multiplayer board game which was originated in Indian royal class with the previous name “Pachisi”. It was the most played board game between family and friends. 

How to play Ludo game? Well, the perfect time pass game of Ludo board games might be simple to play at first, however, it turns out to be immensely enjoyable and challenging as long as you are seriously into the gameplay and bear in mind all the Ludo rules. You'll be playing this Ludo board game for hours aiming at beating your opponents and competing for the highest scores on the Ludo leaderboards by rolling the Ludo dice and moving your tokens to reach the center of the Ludo board.

Below are some key features claiming for its special place in the users’ mind.

  • In terms of graphic design, classic wood and the color of the board are timeless designs to be displayed in the visual effect. The game gives you an excellent visual experience and provokes nostalgic feelings with the sketch marks and crystal clear tokens. The names and the colors of the players could be manually decided.

  • A new physics engine for dice- rolling is replenished to simulate the real time rolling of a dice.

  • The extensive set of game settings would absolutely overwhelm players at first sight. However, the variations to favor player’s country rules and different game levels are strong plus points.

  • Internet connection is not required to play Ludo onlineLudo app offers two options: playing with one (as other two player games) or more computer or players or combination of the three parties including yourself, other players and computer’s AI( just like the form of other multiplayer games). The intelligence of computer including trained, expert and strategic level is divided to match with the different levels of players. 

  • You can choose to play with your friends, family or a random player across the world and invite your friends or join a match hosted by your facebook and google plus friends. 

ludo classic apk download

2. Ludo classic APK on

2.1.  Ludo classic apk

The term “APK file” is no longer an unfamiliar terminology if you have experienced or owned an Android device.  The Ludo game APK file is the package file format which is exclusively designed for Android users to distribute and install this kind of board game app. The app Ludo APK file can be installed on Android devices just like any other software on a PC.

2.2. The reasons for downloading Ludo Classic APK on

The increasing demand of downloading and installing Ludo board game via the third party site called could be explained by some reasons. Some main ones could be listed below: 

  • The download from Google Play Store, the most reputable place to download the app, fails to accomplish at certain times when the source refuses the visit of users. The users, as the result, fail to get the app installed into their device. This cause is the most common culprit of the failure in the download game Ludo.

  • The users prefer the Ludo classic for PCs to have better visual experience when playing the game on a large screen.

  • The Android version of the user’s phone is incompatible with the version of the Ludo multiplayer app that is available on Google Store. 

  • For mobile phones’ users, they cannot download Ludo classic game because data network is not available. For that reason, the optimal solution is to download apk file into the SD card and then transfer it to their mobile phone to install the Ludo online later.

ludo apk download

2.3 Guide to download Ludo Classic apk via

2.3.1 Download Ludo classic game apk file on Android Mobile Phones

On the regular basis, the download of applications from Google Play, the official site will be automatically implemented and the downloads from other sources apart from Google Play will be blocked to avoid virus infection. In this case, a manually installation with the outside sources mode to be enabled needs to carried out if you want to sideload the apk file from a third site party. Therefore, to have  "Ludo game free download" apk file on Android, your device needs to be changed to accept the downloads from unknown sources.

Then, follow the detailed guidance described below to download and install Ludo classic apk file for Android for free.

Step 1: Access website, then find Ludo classic though the search bar and click on the matching name in the results.

ludo classic apk

Step 2: Press the button Download.  An announcement to confirm your establishment will immediately show up. Then you confirm and tap on OK

ludo classic apk download

Step 3: Tap on the button Install to begin the  Ludo online installation on Android. You might wait for a while to have the download finished. Then you can experience the game on your Android mobile phone immediately.

ludo classic apk

2.3.2 Download Ludo classic apk file on PCs/ Laptops

If you desire to have Ludo classic PCs to play the board game on the large screen, the requirement is the previous installation of some emulators software like Bluestacks, Droid4X. The utilization of Bluestacks is the optimal choice as this type of emulator software is becoming the leading emulator software that ranks the top place of popularity thanks to its creative features.

To have Ludo classic game free download for Windows, you can choose one in the two ways we demonstrate below: via PC's browser or emulator software’s browser.

The website is involved in the process of free Ludo classic apk download. You are no longer to wonder about the safety of the file you’ve downloaded as the website is well- known for original, free and pure Ludo gameplay apk file with fast download speed. 

Download Ludo classic via PC's browser

Step 1: Start web browser, enter the website, search for Ludo classic and click on the matching result among the three ones.

ludo classic apk

Step 2: Click on Download. The download will be completed in a few seconds then you can see the folder containing the app file at the left bottom of your PC's screen.

ludo classic apk

 Step 3: Launch BlueStacks. Click on Install apk ( with the form of 3 vertical dots) in the left corner on the screen

ludo classic apk

 Step 4: A pop-up window will appear later, then you insert the apk file of Ludo classic and this app will be installed on BlueStacks.

ludo classic apk

Wait for a while and the first way will finish as soon as you see Ludo app appear at the home screen of Bluestacks.

Download  Ludo classic apk file via BlueStacks’ Browser

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks, click on the up arrow symbol at the bottom More apps to run Browser.

ludo classic apk

Step 2: Through Bluestacks' browser, visit the website, look up Ludo Classic and then click on Download. After the system shows up a notification, you confirm by clicking on OK.

ludo classic apk

Step 3: After downloading, click on Install to begin Ludo classic apk file installation on BlueStacks. Click on Open to experience app right now.

ludo classic apk

That's all about how to download and install Ludo game apk on Android and Windows. We hope that with the detailed instructions above, you can easily have Ludo classic PCs and Android phones to have amazing experience playing the game.

2.4. Warnings about Ludo classic apk file

Admitedly, downloading Ludo gameplay apk via some unauthorized sources is not always safe. This action could be risky because of some potential risks that those suppliers hide. Your device’s operating system is likely to be damaged due to malwares from those sources.

The malicious files from such counterfeit sites are created for illegal purposes. The hackers could implement less noble end actions including stealing all the data in the users’ devices and selling them illegally or breaching the security, ect. The malicious codes then are widespread uncontrollably. This could be exemplified in some common scenerios such as people visit unsecured websites or click on some webs, files or images containing malicious codes, viruses spread by email, downloaded files, or apk files are transferred via some devices such as SD card, USB, etc without any examination or assurance of the safety of the devices.

It is highly advised that users should only access reputable sites, examine the files and the devices thoroughly before carrying out the download and be careful when coming across an unknown file or image.

All your worry could be eliminated as we recommend you to take the advantage of a free trustworthy site which helps to check the malware of the files you have downloaded named APKSCAN. NVISCO. BE. When it comes to file safety checking and virus detection, this aforementioned website is the most liked site thanks to its user- friendly policy. Applications are uploaded to ApkScan freely and scanned for malware automatically. A plus compared to the other ones is that the results are presented in a user-friendly report. 

ludo classic apk

3. Conclusion

To wrap up, free downloading and installation of Ludo Classic apk for Android and Windows via is the excellent choice in order to clear your mind for a while and go back to the old days without any daily concerns and the endless pursuit of money and social status. Stay updated with the latest version of the best Ludo app. If you encounter any issues in the downloading and installation process, feel free to leave a comment below so that we could assist you to solve the problems.