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App version 0.5.0
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publisher MADFINGER Games
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App description

If you have a creative mind, then Monzo is a must-have game for you! 

Monzo gives you a chance to unleash your creativity to put the pieces together and make the models of nearly anything. With Monzo, you are able to take your real-life Revell models to digital form, working them into design variations with the help of a broad range of color palettes and shadings. If you’re missing getting this game into your device, then I must say that you should do this right now. Download Monzo game to enjoy the world of creativity and imagination.

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Unleash your imagination with MONZO

About MONZO 

Monzo, developed by Madfinger Games, is truly a perfect choice for those who are creative and have a passion for design. You can create multiple types of models using color palettes and endless stickers directly on your mobile device. Moreover, integrated with the smartphone’s camera, the game allows you to create amazing photo montages, stimulating your imagination in an unlimited way. You are free to place your model onto a painting from your favorite artist or impose it into the center of the football stadium during the world championships.

Another plus point of Monzo is that it enables you to share your models via social media, which helps to show off your Revell collection to all your friends and those who share the same interests. MONZO offers a huge collection of classic model kits aimed to stimulate personal exploration. Emphasis is placed on the experience of taking the kit out and unpacking the boxes for an exciting first experience with the model. As with a real kit, each box will consist of a step-by-step assembly instruction.

In MONZO game you can unlock all purchase models with the Monzo mod apk. You should definitely give this game a try.

Here are some MONZO main features:

* 50 available Models with various palette of Paints and tons of cool Stickers!

* CoolRevell models such Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-6, StuG 40 Ausf.G, PzKpfw Panther Ausf.G

* A collection of vehicles and weapons

* Great inventions of Leonardo da Vinci such as Paddle Boat, Drilling Machine, Alternate Rotation, Spring Catapult

* 10 color palettes

* 20 stickers and enhancements

* 10 backgrounds for photos

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MONZO - Digital Model Builder 0.5.0 updated

New Features:

- Build new models Space Shuttle Discovery and Titanic

- New Free Bundle with four amazing models

- Upgrade your weapons models with new Gun Paints color palette

- Gaining Expert mode reward is now possible for five times

- Get new shop bundles

- All bundles have been made more affordable

- Improved UX to make the shop simple and clear

- Playing experience improved for model boxes

- Fixed bug stopping players from finishing certain models

What is MONZO APK?

A .apk file might be familiar to Android owners. Simply, it is the package file used to install applications on the Android operating system. Similarly, MONZO apk consists of all elements to install the app correctly on Android-powered devices.

Guide to download and install MONZO APK

Though sources available for MONZO apk free download are various across the Internet, it’s essential to pick a trusted one for the sake of your device’s security. 

In this post, we will carry out easy ways to download MONZO apk on the website, which is dedicated to providing original and pure apk files of a hundred apps. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the file apk. Besides,you can also find and download MONZO apk latest version for all Android smartphones and tablets at this website.

1. Download MONZO apk for Android phones.

For security, most Android phones offer a feature that blocks downloading any app from third-party site, so if you want to download free MONZO apk for Android, you have to enable installation of ‘Unknown sources’ from your device.

Step 1: Visit the website, then type 'MONZO' at the search bar and tap ‘search’. Once all search results appear, tap the app you want to download


monzo apk download

Step 3: Tap 'Download' APK then select 'OK' to continue the process.


download monzo apk


Step 4: Wait for the file to be downloaded successfully, tap on 'Open'.

download monzo apk

 Step 5: When the verification shows up, select 'install'. After that, wait for a few seconds,  you will see 'app installed' as the process is completed. 


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2. Download MONZO apk for PC/Laptop

Please remember to install an emulator before you download and install MONZO apk for PC successfully. There are a lot of emulators available across the Internet, but we highly recommend Bluestacks, which is currently considered the number one emulator software for you to experience the Android operating system on computer platforms. 

You can easily download MONZO apk for PC by adopting two methods: Using a PC's web browser or Bluestacks’s browser.

Method 1: Use a PC's web browser:

Step 1: Open a web browser and head to the website → Search for MONZO.


monzo apk download

 Step 3: Select the app and then click on ‘Download’ APK. You wait for the download to finish.

monzo apk download


Step 4: Open BlueStacks, move to the icon with three vertical dots then select 'Install APK'.



Step 5: Select the MONZO apk you downloaded and click on ‘Open’.

monzo apk download2

Now you will see the icon of MONZO at the home screen of Bluestacks.

Method 2: Use a BlueStacks’s web browser

Step 1: Open Bluestacks → Go to More apps → Google Chrome → Access the website and search for 'Monzo'

monzo apk download3

Step 2: Click on the Monzo app then select 'Download' APK. After that, a warning will appears, click on 'Ok'.

monzo apk download4

Step 3: Continue by clicking on 'Open'. Then a verification question will be displayed on the screen. Click 'Install' to confirm.

monzo apk download6

 Step 5: When the process is successfully completed, you will see 'app installed' on the screen. 

monzo apk download7

 Done! To have a better experience with the game, you should download MONZO mod apk for android. It can be also downloaded from the website You can follow the same steps as you did with MONZO apk download.

 Is it safe to download MONZO apk from sources other than Google play store?

Of course, you're safe when installing apps from the Google Play Store as apps are verified by Google before being made available. Besides, Google also has a feature called Google Play Protect, which scans your device for malicious apps, including third party apps, and malicious activity. On the contrary, when downloading Monzo apk from third-party sites, there is a higher risk of the APK containing malware. Thus, be careful to choose a reputable site to download Monzo apk or check the file for malware via anti. This will help you a lot in ensuring the purity of the file you download.

Why do we need to download MONZO apk?

No doubt, the easiest way to install an app on Android devices is to visit Google Play store, but unfortunately it is not always smooth as you might think. The store sometimes works improperly or crashes, which makes it impossible for users to get the app they like installed. This convenience is facing a lot of users and raises a question whether there is another way to install applications as users fail to access the store. Luckily, the answer is yes! Another wonderful is to download MONZO apk offered by third-party sites. Beside, there are some other reasons explained for the increasing demand of  MONZO apk downloads from sources outside Google Play store such as users love to use the app on a large screen, so they need to download MONZO apk and install it on software emulators like Bluestacks, Nox Player, etc., the Android version of the device is outdated compared to that of the application available on the Google Play or developers aim to download free MONZO apk  APK file from to modify the apk file to bypass any access control that might exist in the apk.

monzo apk download9

How to check if file MONZO apk is safe?

As we mentioned before, downloading MONZO apk or MONZO mod apk for free from a torrent site can be risky, but this doesn’t mean you completely avoid downloading MONZO apk for free. To stay safe, apart from choosing a genuine site to download MONZO apk, checking the file via scanning tool is also an effective solution. Currently, there is a bunch of tools that offer scanning file for virus. You should take advantages of these to ensure the purity of the file you download as well as save yourself.


If you love building models but don't have enough time to complete big projects, give Monzo  try! It will provide you with a service that helps you enjoy your hobby right on the screen of your Android by just a few clicks. We hope that with these information about the game and how to download MONZO for android/windows we mentioned above, you can successfully get MONZO game into your device and have wonderful fun playing game!