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App version 6.2.8
Updated date
Capacity 24.60 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher NCT Corporation
SHA1 d6106394f0913720a33c3f64264347980a66bcff
Signature fe810b09d43113f8a5265c4a47efae26e9ad0dfe

App description

Fulfil your soul with beautiful and catchy melodies in Nhaccuatui!

NhacCuaTui is a FREE online music streaming app featuring a huge collection of top songs, MVs in any genre from all over the world. With NhacCuaTui, you can not only enjoy music, live with music, but also let it lift your soul. Now, no matter where you go, NhacCuaTui will be always by your side and be your truly fellow. If you are yet to download NhacCuaTui app to your device, then i would say that you should do it right away because you are missing a lot of great chances to feel with music. 

nhaccuatui apk download

These are some key features which are attached with well-known brand NhacCuaTui, to be listed:

  • Visual friendly design
  • Save songs you frequently listen to and see their lyrics too.
  • First ever Vietnamese app with KARAOKE lyrics backed up on the go.
  • Super giant high-quality (lossless) music storage. Over 2 million mp3 songs, MV from all over the world are well-prepared for easy look.
  • Diversified genres for you to reach out 
  • High quality audio, Videos, MVs 
  • Customize your music playlists and shuffle them 
  • You can even play, pause and switch songs on the lock screen
  • Set sleep time, view your stream history, customize quality and other features 
  • NhacCuaTui VIP: Many added features are included in VIP level (enlarging personal storage, ability to shut down ads, fast private line, etc.)
  • High-quality playlist covers bring the most amazing visual experience to users
  • Language can be switched from Vietnamese to English and vice versa
  • Login or register with Facebook and Google+
  • Share favorite music on Facebook, Email, SMS,

If you often get annoyed with limited capacity to listen to music due to copyrights, don’t worry! NhacCuaTui latest version has made it better with SYNC function on Vietnamese, US UK music. In particular, you can now listen to your personal playlists wherever your device is connected to wifi by adding songs you like into Favorite Playlists from NhacCuaTui storage.

What is NhacCuaTui apk?

NhacCuaTui apk is a package file used to install the app successfully on Android devices. The NhacCuaTui apk file is saved in the ZIP format and can be directly downloaded via the Google Play store or other sources.

Why do we need to download NhacCuaTui apk 

It can be said that downloading NhacCuaTui apk is one of the most effective way to get the app into the user’s device in case they can’t access the Google Play Store for whatever reasons. Moreover, there are some other cases that people need to download NhacCuaTui apk such as their Android device’s version is incompatible with the app’s version available on the store; users want to download NhacCuaTui apk file to use the app on Android TV or PC or developers aim to download the file for some modifications, etc.

NhacCuaTui download

How to Download NhacCuaTui apk for Android/PC

1. Download NhacCuaTui apk for Android phones.

*Note: Enable Sideloading on Android

For security, Android prevents you from installing apps offered by sources other than Google Play. This helps you avoid downloading inadvertently a malicious file. Thus, you need to enable this feature before actually sideloading a file. The process for doing so depends slightly on your version of Android. Wait no more, now we are going to dive in easy steps carried out on the website to download and instal NhacCuaTui apk for Android/pc. Please note that the site only provides you with free and pure apk files. So you don’t need to worry about the safety of the file you download.

Step 1: Visit the website, then type 'NhacCuaTui' at the search bar and tap ‘search’.

download nhaccuatui apk

Step 2: Tap NhacCuaTui app then select 'Download' APK then a pop-up shows up, select 'OK' to continue the process.

download nhaccuatui app

Step 3: When the file has been successfully downloaded, tap on 'Open'.

download nhaccuatui app

Step 4: Select 'Install' to confirm the installation. Then wait for a few seconds, you will see 'app installed' as the process is completed.

download nhaccuatui app

2. Download NhacCuaTui apk for PC/Laptop

Please remember to install an emulator before you download and install NhacCuaTui apk for PC successfully. There are a lot of emulators available across the Internet, but we highly recommend Bluestacks, which is currently considered the number one emulator software for

you to experience the Android operating system on computer platforms. You can easily download free NhacCuaTui apk for PC by adopting two methods: Using a PC's web browser or Bluestacks’s browser.

Method 1: Use a PC's web browser:

Step 1: Open a web browser and access the website, search for 'NhacCuaTui'.

download NhacCuaTui app1

 Step 2: Click on the app, then select ‘Download’ APK. After that, wait for the download to complete.

download NhacCuaTui app2

Step 3: Open BlueStacks, click on three vertical dots at the top left corner, select 'Install APK' Next, navigate the NhacCuaTui apk file you downloaded and click on ‘Open’.

download NhacCuaTui app3

Now you will see the icon of NhacCuaTui at the home screen of Bluestacks.

Method 2: Use a BlueStacks’s web browser

Step 1: Head to 'More apps' on Bluestacks, select Google Chrome and visit the website to search for 'NhacCuaTui'.

download nhaccuatui apk3

 Step 2: Click on the app, select 'Download' APK then click on 'Ok'. Wait for the download to finish then select 'Open' to continue.

download nhaccuatui apk4

 Step 4: Click on 'Install' to confirm when a question is shown on the screen. It may take up just a few seconds to complete the process. When the app is successully installed, you will see this.

download nhaccuatui apk5

 That's is! It isn't difficult to download free NhacCuaTui app for Android/pc, right! Now you can plug in your earphones and feel with music. 

Downloading free NhacCuaTui apk Is safe?

It is true that downloading free NhacCuaTui apk is not always safe, especially if you download the file form a shady site. Although there are a lot of sources offering free NhacCuaTui app download, but not all of are authorized and validated. So, choosing the best one among the bunch out there may matter you much. The advice is that you should do thorough research before deciding to download NhacCuaTui  APK from elsewhere other than Google Play to avoid unfortunate consequences. 

How to know if NhacCuaTui apk is Clean?

Well, checking the purity of the NhacCuaTui apk file you download has become easier with the help of free virus scanners. All you need to do is update the file and wait for the results to be reported. By taking the advantages of these useful tools, you can know whether the file you download is safe or not.


NhacCuaTui for Android is a great app for you to enjoy the world of music. Hopefully, the detailed instructions on how to download and install the app that mentioned above will be helpful for you. Thanks for reading!