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App version 2.16.1
Updated date
Capacity 25.79 MB
Installs 10,000,000+ download
publisher PT Visionet Internasional
SHA1 4aece35f811239f519c1598f7ec8b1f0bcf87e8b
Signature aa79ecb78ceb9b7b1203fc386716ef75db10f316

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Download OVO apk

Many places now are adopting the cashless system for people to pay for goods and services using mobile payment. A mobile payment app allows users to send money from their phone, either to other people or to a payment terminal to buy something in a store. There are a bunch of choosings these days for mobile payment, but OVO app is a well-known mobile payment app, which supports effectively on all financial transactions. If you want to have this app on your devices, let follow the instruction below to download and install OVO apk on Android and PC.

Some key information about OVO app on Android

OVO is a financial service app relevant to the mobile payment system. With the payment via OVO app on Android, users will have simple, instant and secure financial transactions. OVO app is governed by thousands of moderators and administrators including merchants around Indonesia in a variety of fields such as Food and beverage, fashion, beauty, entertainment, and travel, etc. Moreover, OVO also cooperates with quite a few exclusive brands, so the number of merchants and top up points is increasing and widening rapidly. 

By downloading and installing OVO app on your devices, you will experience the best financial transactions with the support and advice of many professors and consultants. 

ovo features
OVO financial service

Outstanding features of OVO app:

  • No need of cash when you conduct the transactions on OVO app, so it is wallet-free, risk-free and hassle-free. It will not be time-consuming when you need to get your change back during the transaction.

  • Users can collect points in OVO app and then use these points in payment. 

  • Update and receive a bunch of promos and deals if you are an OVO user. 

  • After a period, with the good performance and pure transactions, you can upgrade your OVO account to OVO premiere in order to enable Peer to Peer and Bank Transfer. Furthermore, when you can get cash maximum balance to 10.000.000.

  • Users are easily top up their OVO Cash via ATM, m-Banking, Internet Banking, Debit Card or through selected merchants. Besides, they can pay or top up their phone, the Internet fee or even the electricity bills.

  • OVO app also assists users in donating to the charity faster.

  • Invest in OVO.

ovo app
OVO app on Android

File OVO apk for Android

File OVO apk is a kind of zip file with the extension .apk operating on Android operating system. OVO apk file is created to distribute and install OVO app on Android device and the PC as well via emulator software. The apk files are available both on Google Play and other sites, so it is so easy for Android users to download apk files instantly. There is a reputable site providing apk files which is website This place is full of pure and original apk files, including OVO apk file, so you should download apk files from this source. 

What reasons should you sideload OVO apk file?

Although apk files are available on Google Play, the apk file downloads may be unfeasible sometimes caused by some reasons below:

  • At a time when you need to download OVO apk file, but Google Play is suddenly out of action. 

  • The Android version operating on device is lower than that according to the requirement of OVO latest version.

  • People using Mac or Windows would like to have OVO app in their devices, they can install emulators and then download apk files via this software. 

  • In some countries or areas, OVO app is likely a region-restricted app, so the download of OVO app from the official site is unachievable.

  • Users or developers want to reform the OVO app, so they can sideload OVO apk file to install this app on their devices.

Virus warning about OVO apk file

The fact that there is such a thing as Android malware hidden in modded apk files or apk files provided by third-party websites, cybercriminals design malware-spreading apk files in devious efforts to steal personal information after users install apps via these malicious apk files. Users who download these apk files without checking carefully unknowingly confront plenty of mobile privacy threats. 

The crucial point to keep in mind about malware on Android is only active after users actually install malicious apps. For that reason, users can defend their devices against viruses and malware by choosing apk files on trusted places or scanning cautiously apk files before clicking on the Install button. 

When downloading apk files it is imperative that users had better do so from legitimate sources like Google Play store, which is monitored and checked for potentially threatening or fraudulent apps. On occasion, however, Google Play occurs errors out of the blue, so the alternative method is sideloading apk files from third-party sites. If you are still seeking a high-ranking and reliable site, I highly recommend website, which hosts immaculate and original apk files. Another measure to avoid Android viruses is that users should scan apk files for viruses. You can upload apk files on some online virus detectors such as Virustotal, Metadefender or NVISO Apk scan and then these files will be checked thoroughly. The threat engines will point out all threats on apk files. 

How to download and install OVO apk on Android

If you are an Android user, you may know that Android devices are adjusted to reject the downloads outside Google Play by default. As a result, the OVO apk file sideloading is also refused to complete. To break this download barrier, you enter Settings > Security > switch Unknown Sources on. 

enable unknown sources
Enable Unknown Sources

Now, you do these steps below to download OVO apk for Android:

Step 1: Get in the website, search for OVO app in the search bar.

seek ovo app
Seek OVO app

Step 2: Next, tap Download.

download ovo app
Download OVO app

Step 3: When a notice presents on the screen, you tap on Ok.

tap ok ovo
Tap OK

Step 4: After the apk file has been downloaded, you tap Install and after 1 minute, now you have OVO app on your Android mobile.

install OVO app
Install OVO app on Android

How to download and install OVO apk on PC

Now I will guide you two ways to download and install OVO app for PC. But first, it requires you to install an emulator on your PC. You have a series of options such as BlueStacks, Memu, Droid4X, Nox Player. In this guide, I download and install OVO app via BlueStacks, which is one of the best tools for running apps for free in full screen in your PC.

The download of OVO app via PC’s browser

Step 1: Firstly, you head to website via PC's browser, seek OVO app.

seek ovo on pc
Seek OVO app on PC

Step 2: Click on Download.

download OVO on PC
Download OVO app

Step 3: You launch BlueStacks, then click on Install apk (3 dots) at the left corner.

install apk
Install apk on BlueStacks

Step 4: When a pop-up window appears, you upload the newly downloaded OVO apk file.

upload OVO apk file
Upload OVO apk file

Step 5: You will see the OVO app is installed on BlueStacks.

ovo app installed
OVO app installed on PC

The download of OVO app via BlueStacks

Step 1: Firstly, you get in BlueStacks, then click on More apps to open Browser.

more apps
Start Browser on BlueStacks

Step 2: Access website, search for OVO app.

seek ovo app on bluestacks
Seek OVO app via Bluestacks browser

Step 3: Click on Download.

download OVO app bluestacks
Download OVO app on BLueStacks

Step 4: A warning is going to show up, you click on Ok to confirm.

click ok ovo app
Click OK

Step 5: The OVO apk file will be downloaded. Next, you Open the file and Install it. After that, you have OVO app on BlueStacks.

install OVO app bluestacks
Install OVO app via BlueStacks