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Download Wifi Password Show apk

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App description

Imagine you are put in the situation that the re-connection of your new device to WiFi network is incredibly urgent, but you forget Wifi password? Or you want to share a WiFi password with your friend but you fail to recall it? Those are problems facing people these days, which are the driving force leading to the advent of Wifi Password Show,  a wifi password recovery app to  help you get rid of such circumstances. 

Normally, the download of Wifi password show app is automatically carried out through Google Play, the official supplier of applications. However, some systematic problems arise when users strive for accessing this authorized source. As a result, users are deterred from having the apps installed in their devices. The good news is, the download of Wifi Password Show app on is a perfect alternative thanks to the advantages the site offers. 

This writing will dive into some outstanding features of this Wifi key view app and the guidance to download Wifi Password Show apk for Android mobile phones and PCs. With the detailed information provided below, we hope to help you retrieve Wifi password and enjoy the booming of information technology.

wifi password show apk download

  1. Brief overview of Wifi Password Show app.

In this age of digitalization, Wifi is more and more penetrated into almost every aspect of our life and work. This groundbreaking invention has opened the new era of development. To say the least, life would be in the bleak prospect with the absence of Wifi

WiFi Password Show is an app serving the function as a wifi password reader to display all saved wifi passwords that you've ever connected to. The requirement is that you do need to have Wifi password root privileges on your devices to use it. It's essential to make a clear point that this app is not a WiFi hacker, wifi cracker or anything like that. 

The main function of WiFi Password Show is to help someone connect to the WiFi network that you have a prerequisite root privilege without any hassle. How to find wifi passwords through Wifi Password Show app? All you need to do to get Wifi password is tapping on one of the available networks to share the pass in many various ways: with a QR code or via email.

WiFi Password Show is much more useful than it may seem at first sight. Thanks to this app, checking the back of your router to recall your password whenever someone new comes over and asks to connect to your WiFi is no longer necessary.

There are some main features of the app to claim for its effectiveness in getting back connected wifi passwords. 

  • Show SSID and Password in your devices

  • Enable users to copy WiFi Password to Clipboard to paste anywhere

  • Allow users to share passwords via SMS or email in fullscreen mode

  • QR Code Generator WiFi Access

wifi password show apk download

2. Wifi Password Show APK on

2.1. Wifi Password show app apk

The term “APK file” is no longer unfamiliar to Android devices’ owners and it is somewhat a must- know term for techies. Wifi Password Show APK file is the package file format, exclusively designed for Android users to distribute and install this kind of wifi key recovery app. The app can be installed on Android devices just like any other software on  PCs.

2.2. Why do you need to download Wifi Password Show APK on

There is a remarkable increase in the demand of downloading and installing Wifi Password Show apk via the third party site called This tendency could be explained by some below reasons. 

  • The “Wifi code viewer” app download through Google Play Store is incompleted at certain times when the place refuses the visit of users. The users, as the result, fail to get the app installed into their device.

  • The users prefer a computer based Wifi Password Show app to have better visual experience and smoothen your study/ work.

  • The Android version of the user’s phone is incompatible with the version of the app available on Google Store. Consequently, in this case, “show wifi password android” could not be implemented.

  • For mobile phones’ users, they fail to finish Wifi Password Show app download because Wifi or data network is not available. For that reason, the optimal solution is to get this wifi recovery app apk download moved to SD card and then transferred to their mobile phone to install the app later.

wifi password show apk download

2.3 Guide to download Wifi Password Show apk via

2.3.1 Download Wifi Password Show apk file on Android Mobile Phones

Normally, applications will be automatically downloaded from the official source- Google Play and the downloads from other sources apart from this place will be blocked to avoid virus infection. In this case, a manual installation with the security permission needs to carried out if you desire to sideload the apk file from a third site party. Therefore, to freely download Wifi Password Show apk file on Android, your device needs to enable the downloads from unknown sources. 

Then, follow the guidance below to successfully download and install Wifi Password Show app apk file for Android for free.

Step 1: Access website, find Wifi Password Show in the search bar and click on the matching name in the results.

wifi password show apk

Step 2: Tap the button Download.  An announcement in the form of a verified question will show up. Then you confirm and tap on OK

wifi password show apk

Step 3: Begin  Wifi Password Show app installation on Android by tapping on Install. After finishing this step, you can experience the convenience of the app on your Android mobile phone right now.

wifi password show apk

2.3.2 Download Wifi Password Show apk file on PCs/ Laptops

If you desire to have better visual experience when using the app on the large screen, the requirement is the previous installation of some emulators software like Bluestacks, Droid4X. Bluestacks is highly recommended as this type of emulator software is offers special features to meet user’s needs.

To have Wifi Password Show app free download for PCs , you can choose to follow the downloading process either via PC's browser or emulator software’s browser.

Below are the steps performed in the website for free Wifi Password Show apk download. Your worry about the safety of the file you’ve downloaded could be swept away as the website is well- known for original, free and pure Wifi password recovery app apk file with fast download speed.

Download Wifi Password Show app via PC's browser

Step 1: Start web browser, enter the website, search for Wifi Password Show and click on the matching result.

wifi password show apk download

Step 2: Click on Download. The download will be completed in a few seconds.

wifi password show apk download

Step 3: Launch BlueStacks. Click on Install apk (3 vertical dots) in the left corner on the screen.

wifi password show apk download

Step 4: A pop-up window will appear later, then you insert the apk file of Wifi Password Show app and this app will be installed on BlueStacks

wifi password show apk download

Wait for a while and you will see the app appear at the home screen of Bluestacks

Download  Genie music apk file via BlueStacks’ Browser

Step 1: Launch BlueStacks, click on the up arrow symbol at the bottom More apps to start Browser.

wifi password show apk download

Step 2: Visit the website, look up Wifi Password Show and then click on Download. After the system shows up a notification, you confirm by clicking on OK.

wifi password show apk download

Step 3: After downloading, click on Install to begin Wifi Password Show apk file installation on BlueStacks. Click on Open to experience app right now.

wifi password show apk download

That's all about how to download and install Wifi pass revealer app on Android and Windows. We hope that with the detailed instructions above, you can easily getting back the saved passwords and sharing them to others.

2.4. Warnings about Wifi Password Show apk file

Downloading this kind of Wifi password finder app apk via other sources beside our official source- Google Play is not always safe. This action could threaten to your devices because of some potential risks that those suppliers hide. Your device’s operating system is likely to face the risk of damaging due to malwares from those sources.

The malicious files from such counterfeit sites are created to serve illegal purposes. The hacker, through those file, could steal all the data in the users’ devices and sell them for illegal beneficial gains. To make the matter worse, the malicious codes then are widespread at a fast rate and lead to the security breach in the entire network system. This could be exemplified in some common cases:

  • People visit unsecured websites or click on some webs, files or images containing malicious codes.

  • Viruses spread by email, downloaded files,...

  • Apk files are transferred via some devices such as SD card, USB, etc without any examination or assurance of the safety of the devices.

The access to reputable sites, and thorough examination of the files and the devices should be borne in mind before carrying out the download and when coming across an unknown file or image. We recommend you to exploit a free reliable malware checking tool called APK.NVISCO.BE to ensure that all the downloaded files are no threat to your devices’ operating system. Files are transferred to ApkScan openly and scanned for any sorts of malware. In contrast with other tools, the result of the whole process is clearly displayed in a report so that users can comprehensively grasp the problems.

wifi password show apk download

3. Conclusion

To wrap up, free downloading and installation of Wifi Password Show apk for Android and Windows via is the perfect choice in order to get rid of the inconvenience regarding the Wifi password recovery. Stay updated with the latest version of the app. If you encounter any issues in the downloading and installation process, feel free to leave a comment below so that we could assist you to solve the problems.